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As Long As (Watch out for the Ping Soda)

November 16, 2013

The Matrix On Cheetos

As Long As

As long as there’s bottomless Ping we can drink
and a computerized thingy implanted to sync
with what’s left of our brain and also the right
and Cheetos hardwired all day and all night
so that crunch we can go and snap we can pop
with never and never and never a stop,
then we will feel nearly, gee, almost at home
no matter how close or how far we do roam,
no matter if Saturn’s just outside our glass
or Uranus is left far behind on its ass–
Oh we will be happy as happy can be
in our saucer uncupped by all gravity
in a pod that’s so cute, so very cozy
where there floats just me and just me and just me.


Here’s a sort of draft ditty for Bjorn Rudberg’s wonderful prompt  on dVerse Poets Pub to write a sci fi poem.  I don’t know if this qualifies–I do confess to liking the drawing. (An older one by yours truly.  As always all rights reserved.) 


October 27, 2013



When young, they were fitted for the mask,
an age when every question asked
could be answered with because
Pretty is as pretty does,
for children will take on a task

adults won’t swallow without a flask
full of flow as hot as ash
and guaranteed to grant a buzz
of when young.

But though they aged, the mask stuck fast;
it trapped their warmth just like the cask
they tapped now, sipped and sometimes guz-
zled, to scrape off “is,” grate down to “was,”
bare what they’d been by file or rasp
when young.


Still playing with Rondeaus — not very well–here’s a draftish one for Grapeling’s prompt on With Real Toads to write a poem about a mask. 

This is also a signing-off for me for now, maybe.  I am trying very hard to get myself to go on an extended blog break, at least for the month of November.  As some readers know, this has been a super busy work period for me.  Blogging poetry and being part of the online poetry community has been a wonderful way to get out of my workaday mode–but it also keeps me from getting to certain larger fiction projects that I’ve put on hold practically forever (and keep talking of going back to.)  I really do want to make one more effort, and November, national noveling month, seems a good time to try.

That said, do check in from time to time, as I am likely to (i) break my resolution, (ii) post pictures; and (iii) miss you terribly!   

Take care, k.  

A Night Out

July 1, 2013


Someone is not having a good time. (That someone is not me.)

(I am posting from an iPhone, and sometimes the picture is too big. If all three elephants don’t show up, please just click on pic.)

Elephant Drawing

March 6, 2013


For those who have been following the saga of my move and my internet losses, the wonders of partial home internet are now mine!  (Partial, meaning that it works wonderfully some of the time for some devices.)

But I somehow remain quite tired and brain-parched, with still too many tasks looming to think very straight.

All of which leads me to say that I may be going visual for a little bit.  Posting pics.  Recouping language (I hope).

Please do visit.  I will try to widen my sphere beyond elephants, but if you like elephants, you will probably find them.

A Pleasant Break – Still Lives with Dog and Elephant

June 24, 2012


Sometimes, when tired or stressed, it’s nice to do something, make something, simple–say, a drawing of an elephant and dog, without even an attempt at particular meaning–hidden or obvious. Just elephant, dog, bowl of fruit, flowers. (I do worry a bit about the dog on that high stool, but am going to dispel those concerns for now.)

Diabolically busy week continues….

January 25, 2012



Tired on Monday Commute (With Elephant)

November 14, 2011


Sorry, photo got cut off. It’s always a bit complicated taking pictures on the subway, especially of small elephants.

Have a good day!