Morning Song – Road Not Taken

Song below is really a solo.

Morning Song

I woke up this morning
like I wake up most days
wanting to see you
in the worst way.
But what I said then
I cannot unsay
when the road not taken
was washed away.

I think of your fingers.
I think of your hands.
They’re farther now
than the farthest of lands.
A heart that’s forsaken
is here for to stay,
while the road not taken
is washed away.

I scrub at that longing–
treat love like a stain.
Try to rinse out the wanting
those old times again.
But as long as I’m living,
I’ll relive that day
when the road not taken
was washed away.

I woke up this morning
with you on my mind
though it’s long ago now,
reached the end of that line.
Still I wished me so hard–
God help me I prayed–
for the road not taken
to wind back my way.

Here’s a re-write of an old song/ballad of mine, posted for Kerry O’Connor’s challenge on With Real Toads to write something relating to Robert Frost whose birthday is this month.  This poem is more country western than anything else (I even have sort of a mumbling tune in mind and hence the pic), but there is the Frosting of the road not taken.

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28 Comments on “Morning Song – Road Not Taken”

  1. Susan Says:

    Thank you for this song! My heart is throbbing with empathy and loss. My feet are dancing to read the poem!

  2. What a beautoful song… I can really hear it sung.. Emylou Harris perhaps.. I heard here once in concert and she said that she prefrered the sad songs… and just maybe she never really did anything else… and then I wonder how we regret the things we did or didn’t do…

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    Very folky sort of ballad, k. I like it, and of course, the road not taken, which made Frost a presence forever in lots of American minds which are normally pretty unreceptive to poetry, is a classic trope, and always the road we look down, into the mists of might have been.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes, Frost had a good thing going with that phrase! People tend to want a line-item veto on life–to change just one thing and imagine then that all else would then be great. k.

  4. Very poignant, when one reflects on paths that cant be walked again. Beautifully done, and it would make a perfect song. I love those two elephants, too.

  5. Brian Miller Says:

    def there are some of those roads that we did not take that we wish would come winding back…others i am glad they veared off along a different way because my life would be so much different…nice play on frost k

  6. Sumana Roy Says:

    The deep longing becomes so poignant at the end….beautifully written…

  7. Mohana Says:

    first, that illustration is so so cute!
    i love the poem…so much my current state of mind.

  8. grapeling Says:

    I feel ya. Great song, Karin ~

  9. Before reading your comment that this poem was originally a ballad I was tapping my feet. What a beautiful piece. Loved it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  10. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    I love it. Challenging to reference a great poet like Frost, but you manage it beautifully by starting with that well-known title which has passed into the vernacular.

  11. Kim Nelson Says:

    It reads with a country-western cadence, but the message and end lines totally connect to Frost. Nice work.

  12. I scrub at that longing–
    treat love like a stain.

    This is a great line. The poem has such a strong lyrical content It’s hard not to read aloud and then it get stuck in you hear for the rest of the day.

  13. I can sing these words to the new tune going in my head!

  14. Helen Dehner Says:

    I hear the tune too … what if we all got together and actually composed it? Great stuff, K.

  15. This has amazing intensity, Karen, and how excellent an idea to look at the road not taken with hindsight. I thought your second stanza was really outstanding in a poem which sang from start to finish.

  16. Mama Zen Says:

    This is really marvelous, Karen. It sings.

  17. janehewey Says:

    this is great read with country western sound-track.
    colloquial lines like: in the worst way, those old times again, God help me I prayed — give the poem a real time and space. Frost’s The Road Not Taken seems timeless to me, this brings it to personal present ( or personal past : ) ) I esp. like your line “I scrub at that longing”

  18. Steve King Says:

    A fine song…add three chords and bourbon and stir briskly. A melody does suggest itself. Are you a musician?
    Steve K.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha– not really, I used to play the piano and sing, and I confess to a brief stint trying to write country/western with a dear friend–we actually made quite an awful demo in Nashville–I think if this were turned into a song, the verses would need to be arranged differently to have a varied melody/refrain–as maybe a bit monotonous the way its laid out? I don’t know. I am hoping some day for more time! Thanks, Steve for your kind comment. Are you a musician? k.

      • Steve King Says:

        I’ve written a bunch of lyrics. I play at guitar and am revisiting my keyboard even as we speak. I don’t think your verses are monotonous in the least. If you were in the studio, maybe they’d ask for a musical bridge after verse two and a short lyric bridge after verse three…listen to me! If I actually knew how to do anything artistic, I’d be off doing it! Have a great day.

  19. whimsygizmo Says:

    Beautiful! Would love to hear this sung.

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