This morning feet crossed my mind. Slightly aching feet. 

The pandemic has not been kind to my feet–not because I have walked so much more than normal, but because my online shoe shopping has proved less and less successful. (Feet feel trivial, I know, until they’re your feet.) 

To tell the truth, my foot problems started before the pandemic. Try the fifth grade, when my feet became size 10.

My feet also, at that time, became officially persona non grata.  I did not, in other words, even try to make them feel welcome.

I mean, come on.  Even if stores back then carried a nice style in size 10, the style would somehow lose its elan (especially when attached to fifth grade ankles.)

As time passed, my feet only grew stranger.  I discovered that they had extra bones; also, that, when combined with my favorite exercise programs, they were prone to bruised metatarsals, pulled tendons, plantar fascitis, bunions, split-skinned heels, the source of knee problems. 

Then, at last, I found a shoe that worked. Yes, they made my feet look like hooves. But I could wear them with dresses!  And walk miles!  

The company quickly went out of business. 

Okay, okay, but this was already the age of the internet! I bought up every pair I could find. Six or seven years worth!

That, sadly, was about ten years ago. 

Which brings me to the present. 

Suffice it to say that I now have enough ill-fitting shoes that I can rotate them over a few days. Which means I can move on to the next bad pair before whatever is wrong with this one becomes incapacitating.

And when I am really really in trouble, I wear some thick red boots that I bought mainly to use around Christmas, but now wear in August.  They are not great for walking miles, but…well, we manage. I would not call them ruby slippers, but they do make me feel a little bit witchy, and that can feel just right some times.    

Have a good day.

(As always, all rights reserved, 2021.)

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6 Comments on “Feet”

  1. Susan Weil-Havkett Says:

    Wonderful! I’m laughing -hard. My feet give me fits as well. Size 11, and numb with peripheral neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. I have to wear a hefty set of orthotics – and that means running/walking shoes pretty much only. I dream of sling backs. I clump in runners. Such is life!

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Susan! I too wear orthotics much of the time. I have a long history with orthotics! I was going to include some of that, but it got a bit long. (It could make its own post.)

      Such is live, for sure! Thanks for your kind comment, and STAY WELL! We clumpers need to persist! All best, k.

  2. Helen Dehner Says:

    I could fill a book with tales of my foot woes, beginning with my ortho who told me after using a new procedure to fix bunions (both feet at once) (it didn’t work as well as he had hoped) that as I aged my feet would “splay” and my toes would cross over one another as pads of skin would develop across the base of all toes, both feet. And as he predicted, it happened. Wearing boots in August sounds good to me ~ I do whenever I can. Stretched out cowgirl boots. Cheers.

  3. M Says:

    my mom has had 12 foot surgeries. now that I live in her air-bnb, we walk pretty much daily, from 1-2 miles. She is 85, has COPD, but is happy to keep on trucking. (She swears by new balance, btw.) ~

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