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Life Imitating Escher?

March 18, 2014



Little Dog, On Mishearing a Holiday Greeting,

December 25, 2013


Little Dog, On Mishearing a Holiday Greeting,

cheddars with delight.
‘Merry Swiss-mas!’ That’s what I
call good cheese…errr…. cheer!


A ho-ho-ho-ku for Mama Zen on With Real Toads.


November 17, 2013



I can make the moon rise
Again and again
Just by walking
This darkening hill
But you do not come home
No matter how I climb

Japanese forms are (no pun intended) very foreign to me but a wonderful series of articles at With Real Toads has emboldened me to post the (maybe) tanka above. Photo taken iPhone, which just goes to show that (to my mind) the best camera is the one you’ve got in your hand. I may post a series of the passing cars as it is very hard for me to pick a favorite of the different pix. Check out the great articles and tanka at with real toads.

Ps– I did not try for syllabic count so do not know if these can count as tanka.

Protective Coloration?

September 4, 2013


Parsing Translucence

August 31, 2013





Parsing Translucence

She takes care to walk around
The webs that veil
The field, spiders
Posing as the ghosts
Of stone, path
For the unwary.


This is a sort of imagist poem posted for Kerry O’Connor’s prompt in honor of William Carlos Williams on With Real Toads.  I found this one super difficult – this is actually my very first version.  I did a zillion others, but my husband told me this was the best, so back to it.   (I’ve used a title that was a line in one of the other versions, and which he does not think fits.  Too bad!) 

The pictures were all taken the other morning by me on my iPhone.  Quite amazing.  (All rights reserved.) 

Thistle for Two (um…Three)

August 27, 2013


I thought there were only two on this thistle until Barbara Y pointed out the little stink bug, milkweed bug, at top corner. Thanks so much, Barbara. K.

Fire gyre cat

June 26, 2013


Fire gyre; log turned cat.
There’s a lot you can do with a camera app.

(I see the charred log taking the form of the back of a cat, but I come from a clan of those allergic to cats so do not know much about them. Click on pic if you cannot see the whole image.).

Head Household

February 20, 2013

Brain in Bed (With Dog)

Head Household

My home
is mottled grey; perhaps red/blue would
be better, chambered
rather than lobed–no matter–

Furnishings fuzz
to buzz; occupants (increasingly
occluded) defy
vacancies, sparks fry blinds that tilt
over streaked glass; you try
to knock, I don’t
always answer, rooms fold in
on themselves.


This is a very rough draft poem for Real Toads “words matter” (i.e. keep it short) challenge hosted by Mama Zen to write about a toad’s house.  (Toad as in writing participant.)

I am in the midst of moving; much was placed and transported today in an extremely cold truck.   I’m sorry to be slow in responding to people – I wrote this poem, more or less, while standing in the truck bed, guarding stuff.   A reposting of picture too – brain in bed with Pearl!  Not really suited for poem – but really, how often can you post a brain in bed!?  (I am writing of the metaphorical little grey cells = yes, I understand they are pink in pic.)

Note that I’ve edited since first posting.


January 20, 2013


Untouched (or re-touched.)

No one stung either, thankfully.

A Question Of Cropping and Lady Bugs

October 15, 2012