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Sally and Seemore and the Meaning of Mushki (Maybe Part I)

December 7, 2014










This is a bit of an experiment.  “Sally and Seemore and the Meaning of Mushki” is the manuscript of a children’s (middle grade) novel that I wrote some years ago and never published.  It is a true novel–i.e. with lots of words-and not a lot of pictures.  But lately I’ve been thinking that it might make sense to vastly simplify it by cutting a lot of words and adding in a lot of pictures.  So, I thought today that I might just start trying to write it out in this pictogram/graphic novel sort of format.

Honestly, I don’t know if I can keep it up, as it is a novel with at least 150 pages or so in the old version with all the words, and I have no art training, but I have hated to let the book languish,  So,  I guess I’ll see if I can periodically keep it up.  (A few frames at a time!) 

If the Toads are very lenient, I may link this to With Real Toads open link night. 

PS–Yes, I know the story, but am making the current text up as I go along, in pencil, so please forgive erasures, and photographed (rather than scanned) drawings, and please feel free to make suggestions!   (Right now, I’m not photographing these in very good light, but hopefully I’ll get more confident as I go along!) 

PPS – as always, all rights reserved in pictures and text. 

PPPS-since it is getting near Christmas, I will mention that I have written two other (sort of) children’s books--1 Mississippi, a counting book for lovers of watercolors and pachyderms, and Nose Dive, a young adult (and rather funny) novel for people who are not quite happy with how they look but love to sing anyway. 

Nose Dive pic

(From 1 Mississippi)

(From 1 Mississippi)