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Bucket of Sand (Song)

April 21, 2015



Here’s another song I wrote this week for April 2015 National Poetry Month.  I am no musician so the music (also composed and sung by me) has a rather repetitive and breathy quality–and neither the beginning or end are quite right–but I tell myself it’s a poem song not a pop song; and also that this is April!


Bucket of Sand

You said it was far better
to give than to receive;
I gave all my all to you;
you held it like a sieve.
Fetch me a bucket to carry
a pail that I might fill
so I may gather myself again
where ‘ere you let me spill.

Your smile it was so sparkling,
I thought the flint for me.
But oh, your eyes they were so dark,
I guess I couldn’t see;
so, fetch me a pail of water
find me a bucket of sand
that I may quench the flames you lit
when I thought you were my man.

All the grains in time’s dull hours
all the water in the sea
are not enough to scrub away
the touch you laid on me.
If I have no water
if I’ve no coarse sand,
I’ll fill my bucket with my salt tears
and with my own clock hands.

I’ll look for a sliver of moonlight
I’ll search for a dipper of sky;
I promise I will guard them
from any handsome lie.
If I find that moonlight,
I’ll keep it safe apart,
and if I find some open sky
I’ll use it as my heart.

You said it was far better
to give than to receive
I gave all my all to you
you held me like a sieve;
now I’ve this bucket to carry
this empty pail to hand
all you ever gave me
when you were my man;
now I’ve this bucket to carry,
now I’ve this pail to hand,
all you ever gave to me
when you were my man.


I am linking to Real Toads Tuesday Open platform.  I also wrote this for Hedgewitch’s past prompt on Real Toads on Folly.

PS  – final apology!  Yes, it’s too long.  Maybe sliver of moonlight stanza has to go or be combined with something!  Also, I have a couple of other tunes!  Agh.  One was very Irish, but somehow I ended up with this one!  Maybe some day (in another lifetime that is), I’ll post a different version.

Also pps–final final apology!  Sorry if late to return comments–I’m getting a bit frayed, but will visit soon.