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Occasionally, I will post a notice that all rights are reserved to a particular post, poem, or original illustration.  Please note that this is not intended to imply that rights are not reserved with respect to other (unnoticed) posts.  All copyrights, and any other rights, including all rights of reproduction, to all posts, and all the content of such posts, are reserved to ManicDDaily (a/k/a Karin Gustafson), as of the date of publication.   That said, I’m happy to have links and excerpts used by others, if properly credited.

Sometimes, I’ll post a link to other sites, or refer to content created by others.  No infringement is intended, and I do try to give credit to the other sites or content providers.  (If not done properly, please let me know. )   I generally have no knowledge of the copyrights held by any of such other sites or content providers, and certainly try not to further any infringement by another.

3 Comments on “Copyright Notice”

  1. Charles. R Brentner Says:

    I really thought the 3 pictures on your blog of the dog writing in the notebook with the captions below were cute. I made a small 3 image screen saver out of them. If you would like a copy I’d be more than happy to forward one on to you. I made sure to give you credit for the pictures themselves in the read me that comes as part of the Screen Saver itself.

    ~Charles Brentner

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