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More Dog, Elephant, Christmas

December 25, 2013


Yes, I know. Can’t I move on to something else? But I am in a drawing mood and the elephant and dog just seem to be at my fingertips. Hope all have had a great Christmas or if you do not celebrate it, a great break!

Little Dog, On Mishearing a Holiday Greeting,

December 25, 2013


Little Dog, On Mishearing a Holiday Greeting,

cheddars with delight.
‘Merry Swiss-mas!’ That’s what I
call good cheese…errr…. cheer!


A ho-ho-ho-ku for Mama Zen on With Real Toads.

Christmas Eve Tree Decorating = Better Late than Never!

December 24, 2013


Rainy (Christmas) Season

December 26, 2012


One of the Meanings of Christmas

December 23, 2012




Cookies to eat!
Cookies so sweet!
Not terribly neat!
Cookies like feet!


The above are cookies made in part by Drew Herman, Alex Herman, Meredith Martin, Christina Martin, Jordan Segal (and probably a couple of others). The bloodied foot was by Gabrielle Segal. I watched, ate, photographed. Wish I could send some through the ether.

How Time Flies–In a Flash 55– (Ready, Set!)

December 30, 2011


“The new year is coming!  On your mark, get set–

“Wait a sec, I’m not quite ready.”

“The new year is coming!  Ready, set--”

“Wait, I say–”

“Wait, you say?!”

“Yeah, wait, I’m not quite ready yet.”

“Oh yeah? And who asked you?”

“You did.  You said, ‘the new year is coming, ready, set–’”


(Here’s my flash fiction 55, and I’m going to tell the G-Man all about it.)

Have a great weekend (and a happy new year.)

Boxing Day–Delayed Gratification (certain Jehovah’s Witnesses)

December 26, 2011

Not From a Creche

And then there was the old English couple who became Jehovah’s Witnesses–he, because Jehovah, plus butter rum life savers, plus two Witnesses who walked him and his dog up the block a couple of times a day, helped him quit smoking; she, because after sixty years of marriage, they did everything together.

But Christmas (not celebrated by Witnesses) was almost harder to give up than nicotine.  If you’d grown up in London during the 30’s, if you’d made it through the Blitz, goose fat and beef lard (and all the ritual dishes involving them) were high in your gastronomic pantheon.

Though it wasn’t the food that was the problem.  It was the want of ruddy-cheeked cheer, the cow-eyed Creche, the Crackers! (With their snap and crackle and little funny toys.)  The bean in the Christmas Cake, and, even more, the weeks of deciding what this one or that one would like–the special scarf, the purse on sale, the mince tarts baked and packaged–the wrapping!

All solved by the expedience of Boxing Day.  Crackers a day delayed were no longer “Christmas” Crackers.  Roast Goose was just, well, roast goose; Christmas Cake, fruit cake; and presents?   Tokens of appreciation.  (With no relationship to Christmas at all.)

And wasn’t that what Boxing Day was all about anyway?

Finally Catching Up To Christmas

December 25, 2011


Just in time!

(Hope you all enjoyed the day!)

Happy…errr.. Hoppy! (Jingle With Elephant!)

December 24, 2011

A Merry Best to All!  Thanks so much for reading, commenting, writing, inspiring!  

Flash 55 – Mystery of Christmas (A Clue)

December 23, 2011


The Mystery of Christmas (A Clue)

The best–clue-making: cryptic rhymes taped to wrapping. 

The pleasure: watching them strain to figure me out–giving hints that told all (if they could but understand).   

The few “real” presents opened, I’d run from tree to basement to gather old books, clothes, knickknacks–anything to wrap and encode, to transform into my gift.   

The above is my offering to the G-Man for Friday Flash Fiction 55.  Have a happy holiday.
(Also–check out the “Villain-elle” from yesterday, illustrated with elephants.  Unfortunately, in the midst of holiday season, I dropped an elephant painting when I posted, but I’ve got them all in now.)