As Long As (Watch out for the Ping Soda)

The Matrix On Cheetos

As Long As

As long as there’s bottomless Ping we can drink
and a computerized thingy implanted to sync
with what’s left of our brain and also the right
and Cheetos hardwired all day and all night
so that crunch we can go and snap we can pop
with never and never and never a stop,
then we will feel nearly, gee, almost at home
no matter how close or how far we do roam,
no matter if Saturn’s just outside our glass
or Uranus is left far behind on its ass–
Oh we will be happy as happy can be
in our saucer uncupped by all gravity
in a pod that’s so cute, so very cozy
where there floats just me and just me and just me.


Here’s a sort of draft ditty for Bjorn Rudberg’s wonderful prompt  on dVerse Poets Pub to write a sci fi poem.  I don’t know if this qualifies–I do confess to liking the drawing. (An older one by yours truly.  As always all rights reserved.) 

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18 Comments on “As Long As (Watch out for the Ping Soda)”

  1. Susan Chast Says:

    Fun! Drawing and nursery rhyme are compelling. Very cozy and solipsistic, and only creepy around the edges.

  2. Love this.. just the thought of being alone with a computer onboard is scary enough to make me prefer to be hardwired to the machine… your poem take me through the brighter side of Arthur C Clarke, an cherios are sure better than a long trip than dialogues with HAL (ain’t your pal)

  3. I’ll take this poem as my birthday present (belatedly as my b’day was yesterday !:-) ). Beautiful, beautiful piece. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. Absolutely charming to read this Sunday morning K 🙂

  5. brian miller Says:

    haha your anus far left behind on the ass….being out there all alone, that would be pretty scary….space is so huge….but then again it would be exciting as well…

  6. beckykilsby Says:

    Oh I really like the mix of nursery rhyme and horror movie.. that conjures up a lot. Scary nonsense!

  7. shanyns Says:

    A lot of fun this one. Nicely done.

  8. This is fun. I enjoyed the appearance of Cheetos in the fourth verse. It reminded me that I miss those crunchy, yellow things. I cannot get them where I live… smiles…

  9. iWriter Says:

    This is fantastically fun! A true pleasure to read!

  10. Akila Says:

    Very mystical! home is where the heart is!

  11. janehewey Says:

    I have caught quite a buzz from the Ping (and your galloping cadence) and really, this makes me hungry for the salty of the Cheetos. I love your drawing, and the title is most fantastic of all.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha! Thanks, Jane. It is an old drawing that I like a lot and thought of in connection with something science fiction-y. Thanks for all of your kind comments and your time reading. Take care, k.

  12. hedgewitch Says:

    Must have missed this one in my dazed condition this week–I love the singsong rhyme, k. –and the sardonic overview, and most of all, the Cheetos! One of the things I’ve had to give up over the years, and therefore all the dearer in memory. ;_) We do indeed take our ersatz little constructs wherever we go, boldly or not so much.

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