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Drinking Tea in Kargill, India

Karin Gustafson Doing her Favorite Thing (Drinking Tea)

I am a writer, lawyer, mother.  Well, mainly a mother, lawyer, writer.   I blog more or less daily as Manicddaily, and drink a lot of good strong tea.

My published books, published by my own imprint BackStroke Books, include Nose Dive, an extremely light-hearted mystery about teenagers, musicals, love, noses, New York (illustrated by Jonathan Segal); Going on Somewhere, a collection of poetry (illustrated by Diana Barco), and 1 Mississippi, a very cute  counting book, heavy on elephants and gouache.

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25 Comments on “About ManicDDaily”

  1. Megha Patel Says:

    =o Cool. I am 18 and well I’m in love with your posts!! I hope to read one of your books one day. Hmmm, should I make tomorrow the reading day. Thanks for posting <3.

  2. Amazing creative writer you are. Every word written held my attention. Very nice.

  3. Mohana Says:

    You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    • manicddaily Says:

      Well, thank you very much Mohana! (And become a vegetarian! I’ve been one for over 35 years! That’s not totally true–I do eat fish every once in a while because I used to get anemic, but have few problems with that so don’t have to much.) Actually, I have a lot of wonderful meat eaters in my family–so I only mean to be encouraging not pushy. But I do find that when you become used to being a vegetarian–and if you make sure to add things–more vegetables, beans, grains–rather than just take away things–it can feel like a wonderful way to live. K.

  4. anton Says:

    Found you blog via d’Verse. There’s some nice stuff here!

  5. Chazinator Says:

    Hi M, I changed the settings on the blog, so you may be able to see those poems that you missed before. Many thanks for trying. If you’re not successful, let me know and I will contact blogger support.

  6. Jody Collins Says:

    karin–I’d like to get a copy of “1 Mississippi” for my grandkids but Amazon is out of it………can I get a copy from you?
    (you’ve no email posted that I could find…hope a ‘Comment’ box is okay.)
    Thank you in advance.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi Jody, I am surprised Amazon says they don’t have it as I think they do, but I am very happy to send you one. My only hesitation is that I’m so bad at snail mail. That said, I WILL do it (but it may take a bit longer), and I’m happy to send you one free. My address is backstrokebooks@gmail.com. If you’d like to send me your postal address via email, I will send. If I don’t hear from you I will send you an email. Thanks for your interest! K.

  7. jeannine nye Says:

    Just lucked into your beautiful poem about the river and colours.. what a way with words, I am going to come back and look again and again.. hugs across from the pond.. j

  8. Karin Wiberg Says:

    I really love your work, Karin (and of course I love your name!). I couldn’t help but nominate you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. –Karin

  9. I so loved your description of the raging grannies on my site…..that would make a great poem, a whole block of them, marching. Would LOVE to read that poem! If you write it, let me know, okay?

  10. Patti Says:

    I’ve tried to find a way to respond to your comment on my poem, The Awakening. You mentioned that it made you a little worried as a New Yorker (how lucky you are to be a New Yorker!), so I thought I’d tell you what the inspiration was.

    A couple of years ago, I saw an old man on the subway in NY who looked so incredibly sad and alone. He sat rocking with the movement of the train, nearly oblivious to everything around him. The he spotted an even sadder old woman nearby, and suddenly he was outside himself. It was heartwarming. I never forgot that little vignette.

    Inspiration comes when you least expect it.

  11. Alex Barton Says:

    Hi Karin. Having really enjoyed reading your poetry in 2012, I have nominated you for the Gargie Award. Wishing you a Happy New Year.
    Thanks, Alex.

  12. Karin, I really liked the dVerse prompt yesterday, and forgive me for asking, but your name indicate Swedish ancestry. Just wonder if that’s correct?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thank you, Bjorn. Yes – I was going to say something on your blog but figured you’d catch the name. Both of my grandfathers immigrated to the U.S. from Sweden, and my greatgrandparents on one grandmother’s side were from Norway, so I’m very Scandinavian. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Swedish! I am in contact with one relative there, however. Thanks for your beautiful photo. k.

  13. Steve King Says:

    Karin, Congratulations on having your work included in the anthology. A very well deserved honor.

    Steve K.

  14. Sherry Marr Says:

    Thanks for your nice message, kiddo…….I cant find your email address so wanted to thank you for the advice – I think it is a middle ear thing too. Was sent to a specialist who told me NOTHING……..sigh. It is slowly easing…….

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I just read the piece you wrote about René. I liked it and it was wonderful his niece responded. It would be great to meet her. I thought it would be wonderful to assemble a collection of photos of his hats. Would you happen to have any? Please excuse my not having any other email to use…oh well..

  16. bostonpoetry Says:

    Ooh, 1 Mississippi is such a great title for a book! I know exactly who I’m getting a copy for too. =)

  17. A wonderful blog! I look forward to following!

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