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Walking the Line (pic)

June 2, 2014


Later, the Earth Took the Driver’s Seat

April 27, 2014

Later, the Earth Took the Driver’s Seat

They thought the world could be filled with roads
and still would be the world. They thought that paving
was the way to go, and, answering goads
of “faster”, they speed-spread tar, enslaving
every chump-change clump of grass and stalk
till even oak bowed and hemlocks drooped, dying.
The axel beds drooped too beneath their bulk
for they grew huge in their cars, ever vying
for more wiggle room, which in a world
of roads, took several miles, even with
the windows open, bunched arms unfurled–
though soon all rush of air became a myth,
a yarn passed back and forth on the sealed drive
like the tar-dust trunks, said once to be alive–

Here is some consecutive poem–27th–for the 27th day of April, National Poetry Month.  (Agh!)  I am linking it to the Real Toads – “Play it Again, Sam” challenge by Margaret Bednar, allowing participants, thankfully, to use an archived challenge–in this case, I chose a prompt for 14 liners by Kerry O’Connor. (Mine’s a sonnet.)

Margaret’s prompt included beautiful drawings by her daughter and I urge you to check them out. I tend to like to use my own visuals though–the above and below photographs are mine. (I took a bunch of this car, so you’ll probably see more at some point!)



Cut – Friday Flash 55

January 31, 2014



You justified coldness
as kind, and so, looked through me,
your body all back.

I remembered that, tonight,
identifying crow tracks
in the snow, not
the forked tread of crows’ feet–
the spread pleats
of wings,
slits in the white crust,
the featherweight push
of take-off.

How can we be
so cruel
in love?


Here’s a draft poem–I don’t really have it right–but it IS 55 words, so please go tell the G-Man

The picture–if you can make it out–are the indentation of crows’ wings in the snow–you can see marks of feet to the side (not the true tracks of the feet though–but where it pushed off).  If the pic doesn’t come out in your browser, please click on it, as it is kind of cool. 

Wintry Mix

January 7, 2014





These are all pics taken before the big melt and the new cold. We had a jump of about 70 degrees and back over the last couple of days!

In city now and with dying computer and without my main mobile posting device i.e.iPad– so not sure what posting I will do for a little while. Take care.

On the Second Day

January 3, 2014



On the second day

of the two-thousand-fourteenth year, the world turned,
two cities in Iraq, two boys in Elmhurst, burned:
others saved from ice–nice–though that same ice
was melting all too fast.

Tomorrow rises
too often an occasion for more ash.
Still, we prise the phoenix:
still, we prize the phoenix;
still, we believe
in phoenixes.

Here are 55 grim words (excluding the cheating title, which is truly part of the poem) for the G-Man.  (Galen–I know apologies are unnecessary, but I feel bound to say that I HAVE written cheerful poems of late, but none have been in 55 words.)

I refer in the poem to certain events in the news yesterday–bombings in Iraq and a terrible fire in Queens, as well as the saving of the scientists/tourists in Antarctica.

The first picture is self-explanatory–the second a lace of ice on a window.  It is now about minus 6 on our thermometer,  during the day, the temp got up to a high of about 1 or 2.  Beautiful but a little scary to walk around in–if you worry about things like the ongoing integrity of your cheeks or nose or even throat.  (I had not before realized how cold air can burn going down.)   I feel very lucky to be able to have the mini-adventure of going out into this cold, and the great blessing of a warm place to come back to. 

A Winter’s Scene–Upstate New York

December 16, 2013


Balanced (Even in December)

December 8, 2013


Through the Crinkly Boots

December 7, 2013


When I put on my boots this morning, they felt really cold and crinkly.

I remembered that the last time I wore them I tried to hike over a stream.


I think the correct word is “ford.”


But I only had my own two feet, which have a lot less traction than most tires.  Especially modern ones .


I kind of wished I’d put on my special thick socks, with the super cool stripes, but, hey, the boots were laced up already.

And after I wore them around the house a while either they relaxed or my feet grew crinkly.  Either way, they felt more or less in sync.


Then I went outside.

Have you ever felt your toes get cold?  Have you ever NOT felt your toes get cold?


As I trudged around, I thought about my special thick socks sitting so cozily in my drawer, their cool stripes useless in its darkness.

20131207-200033.jpgBut I kept trudging.

No-toes and all

Tree trunks striping the snow,

but my feet in frozen solids.

I am linking the above to the dVerse Poets Pub prompt by the wonderful Claudia Schoenfeld to write something about Through the Looking Glass/ Alice in Wonderland and/or Advent.  I’m not sure this fits but it is what I have done!

(All rights in the pictures, such as they are, as well as the text are mine, and cannot be reproduced without permission.  Thanks! )

Happy Saturday and do check out the other wonderful poets at dVerse.

Overcanopy in an under leaf

September 8, 2013



I just love these pictures, though I know they are a bit hard to make out.

What I was aiming for was a puddle in the central leaf that reflected the leaf canopy above. You can see some of the contrast in the two pics. I actually took a video also where you can see the shifting light but I thought it was probably too boring and shaky to post. (Perhaps a bit like the camera person.) Have a great week.

Protective Coloration?

September 4, 2013