It’s the questions of the dead
that stop
my throat.

“Tell me, are my mom and dad
still living?”

the calls almost
to prayer;

“I tried to get Daddy to help me,
but he didn’t hear; I don’t know where
he was–”

“They’re gone, right?” Pause. “Long gone?”

I say, yes,



For Real Toads open link.  I’m not sure pic fits, but mine; all rights reserved. 


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14 Comments on “What”

  1. Jim Says:

    It’s hard sometimes to care for an older person. My beagle, Adi, and I were a certified “pet therapy team”. Weekly we visited in the Alzheimer’s wing of an assisted living home. Those residents loved Adi’s coming and Adi loved ‘visiting’ with them.

    • Jim Says:

      A note, I had in mind a rainbow being fairly close in. Way before Kansas. I will try to sense how far away others perceive it to be.

      • Jim Says:

        Thank you for letting me know of a reader situation that I hadn’t planned. I appreciate your help .

  2. This reminds me when my mother asked this… she is fading away even further now…. heartbreaking

  3. Brendan Says:

    Lost the first comment — Poetry is best for attenuating the voices of the dead. OK, better at. (You might find better shading in your drawings.) For this reader, it was the voice of a dead inner child here, the one still trying to understand the losses of a life. I hear my kid voice asking what happened to my brother, who too is “long gone.” Great to read you here, Karin.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Brendan, and for persisting. The first title of this was actually, “still, the child” but it felt a little querulous. Not sure about this title though! Maybe too innocuous! Thanks again. K.


  4. ayala Says:

    Powerful piece!

  5. Kerry Says:

    Wow! Karin, this tugs at the heartstrings… and your pictures is perfect. It stirs the emotions.

  6. Ω Says:

    Oh, that ending …

  7. Makes me think of my grandmother’s last days.

  8. M Says:

    luminous and heartbreaking, K ~

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