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letting be

December 15, 2022

letting be

how do we let be?
let people like streams
take their courses.

let the rapids rush
and still
like the whites of eyes that flicker
and then resolve themselves
into dark pupils. 
But they are not
our pupils. 

how do we stay afloat
in our own little bark?
(by bark, I mean a boat.)

let it be full of good food, this boat—let us give loaves
not just to the fishes—
stick some songs in the aft, maybe squeeze in
a whole piano, smiles
for ballast—

do not forget to carry on the breath.
hold to that zephyr
like words that don’t need to be loosed
into the wind–
not everything needs
an explanation—

oh, let the breath just go
and then come again,


Here’s a little draft poem for December. Sorry to have been so absent. My good news is that I have three new children’s books on Amazon. The pic above is from one of them–Lightly Going Things. Also now available is Green Truck Here, and Bug Cars.

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And good luck with the holiday season!