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Thistle for Two (um…Three)

August 27, 2013


I thought there were only two on this thistle until Barbara Y pointed out the little stink bug, milkweed bug, at top corner. Thanks so much, Barbara. K.

To A Young Porcupine – WARNING – Sad/Graphic Photo

May 10, 2013


To A Young Porcupine, Killed

We might have gone to the same palm reader
if we believed in palm readers,
but porcupines don’t, as a matter of instinct,
and me –  my lifeline fades half-way
across my hand.

And if the psychic had squinted
into your palm’s inked crease,
would she have warned you away
from dogs?

And what would she have said
to your mother, who, I suspect, quivers close-by–
That you can do everything right, even heroically,
and yet not save each day.

The dog, its eyes still able
to show hurt, is hurried to the vet.
but I come back to you,
turning with a stick your torn form,
hiding what’s been made meat.

Sometimes our natures
fail us -like the dog who swoops
into a muzzle of needles.
Sometimes, it’s simply chance
that lets us down – like you, sniffed out
by a lonely stream–
Then there are times like this, those
like me, who try to see ourselves as immune,
deciding that thumbs,
sticks, cameras (maybe even
guns) will protect us from
random fates; will save our young too
from the clutch of the

Your fingers stretch out,
in the position I’ve managed,
your palm gently cupped
and so like mine that we might have gone
to the same palm reader, had we believed
our lives were held
in the lines of our hands.


I’ve missed you all terribly!  But I have been very busy with my job, and adjusting to new life of back and forth – city and country -and some other pretty serious life issues.    And I have at least been looking at one of the novels (I am tempted to say, stupid novels), I am trying to rewrite.

The experience described above has been very much on my mind too though — a porcupine killed by the dog of a friend and neighbor (not my old blind Pearl)  and I have been trying and trying to write something about it.   I still don’t think I’ve gotten down what I wanted to say, and I’m sorry to those of you that find the picture disturbing.  It is disturbing.  Very sad on all counts.

On Being Asked About Flowers

April 1, 2013


Spring has not yet reached upstate New York.

(For those who cannot read the image – the white is snow. For some reason, it seems to melt in these little circles around certain plants.)

After the Thaw

March 17, 2013


Not meaning to be grim– though I spent all day working on things for my job, which does make me feel a bit grim on a Sunday night–but came across this in a nearby field, and thought, well, seize the day. And photo.


March 10, 2013


Still Winter (with elephant)

March 9, 2013


At first, I thought this was just a beautiful photograph of icicles but then I took a close look at those icicles….


(As always, all rights reserved in photos and text….and elephants.)

Under Milk Weed–Snow Spores

February 10, 2013






Streaming Winter (Cinquain)

February 3, 2013


Streaming Winter

Flowing frozen,
Floating frozen over
Flowing, growing floes of frozen


The above is a slightly silly cinquain (what is this with the alliteration!?)  a five line syllabic poem, for With Real Toads, hosted by Marian (of Runaway Sentence).  (For more on cinquains, read Marian’s very imformative post.)  Above and below are photos of some wonderfully frozen water.  I will probably post more at some point as it is the kind of thing that I at least can’t stop photographing or videoing even though the pictures are never as good as the real thing and IT IS COLD!!!!!!!!

P.S. I’ve edited since posting.  Agh.



January 20, 2013


Untouched (or re-touched.)

No one stung either, thankfully.

Bridge Over The River Hudson

December 4, 2012