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“Anniversary” – Departures of Old Year

December 31, 2012



I walk the plowed road.  Even brown slush
glistens in the sun.  Last year this day
my father died, briefly.  In an elbowed rush,
they brought him back.  I don’t know the way
of such things, only that they blessed us with four
days more–time to fly, drive, arrive, live, be…
our suddenly fleet feet bare on the raised floor
of the urgent now, the only-this now, the
now not everlasting. We defended, then,
from the tubes that made life possible, also
impossible; doing all one does when
one h0pes for still to do; saying, low,
I love you in the lightening of the dim maze
that’s death, arms around arms, returning gaze.


A reading of the poem:  


Here’s a draft sonnet (of sorts – I know the meter is not exact)  written as the old year, a rather hard one for me, departs.

I will likely link with Real Toads and dVerse Poets Pub open link nights. 

I wish all the happiest of new years. 

After Herrick – “Even During Festivities”

December 30, 2012

Brain in Snow Drift

Even During Festivities

The brain will strain against the now;
so hard to stay right here.
Mind wanders lonely as a cloud
above communal cheer.
is not the word–for love
(but to itself) proclaims
“I hear,”  “I do,” “I will”–
all ruse of cerebellum’s Tao
to never be quite still.


The above is sort of a draft poem written for a prompt by the wonderfully gifted Kerry O’Connor on With Real Toads to write a poem in a form developed by Robert Herrick.  Kerry sets great mini challenges with traditional and not so traditional forms  – this one has various meter and rhyme requirements which Kerry can explain much better than me. 

I have difficulty at times in group situations, parties!  (Though not sure this poem quite describes it.)  And my brain does seem to get stuck in drifts – even outside of parties.  (The pic’s a repost, I’m afraid, suitable for all too many occasions.)  

Check out Kerry’s post and, if you have time, also my books!  

Poetry, GOING ON SOMEWHERE, (by Karin Gustafson, illustrated by Diana Barco). 1 Mississippi -counting book for lovers of rivers, light and pachyderms, orNose Dive. Nose Dive is available on Kindle for just 99 cents!


“Chugging Along”

December 29, 2012


Chugging Along

Chug chug chug chug ka-ching ching!
Chug chug chug badda bing bing!
Chug chug chug chug clang clang!
Chug chug chug chug screeeech—bang!
Chu…chu chug badda biii—-ing BOOM!


Here’s my (sort of) poem for the dVerse Poets Pub Poetics Prompt on change (and turns), hosted by the wonderful Claudia Schoenfeld.  I am not so great at making changes until…well, there seems to be no other choice!

Happy New Year’s weekend all!  I am in the country with much snow and, thank goodness, a working furnace.

(p.s. as always, all rights are reserved to visual images and text on my blog.  I would LOVE people to use my pics, but please ask permission and cite!)

Cold Night

December 29, 2012

Pearl Not Too Bothered By It

Cold Night – Waiting for the Furnace Guy –

I sit in a house
with hat, long-underwear, two
sweaters, coat, and non-
working furnace. Outside – several
inches (and miles)
of snow.
I find it almost helpful to bare
swathes of flesh
to the fire. You, between logs,
work on the crossword. Then the furnace guy
gets stuck and it feels suddenly
super cold.


55 frosty (and belated) words for the G-Man. And here’s one more. Brrr…..

To the Avant Garde–not sonnet, not 18

December 28, 2012


To the Avant Garde
(Not Sonnet, Not Number 18)

Shall I compare thee
to a summer’s day?
Thou art too hot
for lovely, too rough
for temperate.

Thy heavens lease decline (the lines
for the eternal
too f…ing long) and thou wanderest
the course of sometimes.

Thy eye, Darling, brags possession of that
that growest dimmed, but breathes

Shall I compare thee to
A summer’s day? But thy short
life/death (untrimmed) loses
eases “shall”,
buds “can”, dates
the wind.

Agh! I am in Orlando airport in a day of flying! The wifi doesn’t work so I’ve had to type the above poem on iPhone. I should stop complaining! But well– I have been in this airport a long time.

I am posting the above for Anna Montgomery’s prompt on dverse poets pub to write an experimental poem. The above poem only uses words from Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet–except that the f is the beginning of one word and the ing the end of another. There may also be some additional s’es.

Reading note: I only intend pauses to happen as punctuated and not with line breaks. Most line breaks are intended to rub on. (might make poem more coherent). Sorry for mucky typing. I think i got most typos but probably not all.

Rainy (Christmas) Season

December 26, 2012


On the Night Before Christmas (Sort of! But animated!)

December 24, 2012

Last post before the 25th. (Sorry, if you’ve seen before – a reposting, but you know, animations, as crude as mine are, are difficult!)

Have a very happy holiday!

Please keep in mind today all those far from home. If you are a U.S. citizen or resident, I ask you, especially, to keep in your minds and hearts the troops serving still in Afghanistan and all over the world. We send them there and sometimes forget the very real hardships they and their families suffer. Their sacrifices and courage cannot be denied (no matter your political views.) I send them today best wishes for their safe and rapid return home.

One of the Meanings of Christmas

December 23, 2012




Cookies to eat!
Cookies so sweet!
Not terribly neat!
Cookies like feet!


The above are cookies made in part by Drew Herman, Alex Herman, Meredith Martin, Christina Martin, Jordan Segal (and probably a couple of others). The bloodied foot was by Gabrielle Segal. I watched, ate, photographed. Wish I could send some through the ether.

Ill-Received Christmas Present

December 22, 2012


Ill-Received Christmas Present

I understood
even at the time
that the cardboard Elvis
(life-sized) was well-intentioned.

The problem was not
that anything associated with Elvis should be larger
than life.  (The cardboard suit
shone gold, glimmering hues
crooning along the trouser folds.)

The problem was me–my life-sized inability
to rock around the clock, my biology’s SRO tenancy
at the Heartbreak Hotel–they keep me a spare room
close to the door–

I was already too
shook up and I thought you, who knew
what the warmth of flesh
could do
to me,
would know better.

I’m not sure I even
had the presence of mind
to thank you, though you at least
apologized.  Me


Ha!  The above is my offering for dVerse Poets Pub’s Poetics challenge on presents/presence, hosted by yours truly. Check out dVerse and join in the fun! 

Also, if you want to do a very holiday-spirit type of thing, check out my books!  Poetry, GOING ON SOMEWHERE, (by Karin Gustafson, illustrated by Diana Barco). 1 Mississippi -counting book for lovers of rivers, light and pachyderms, orNose Dive. Nose Dive is available on Kindle for just 99 cents!

The Solution (Per NRA) – Flash 55

December 21, 2012

The Solution (Per NRA)

Armed guards in schools.
Armed guards in daycare.
Armed guards in churches.
We’re talking about liberty, God
damn it.

Armed guards in groceries.
Armed guards in gas stations.
Armed guards on mass transit.
Armed guards in traffic jams.
Armed guards on street corners.
What part of “freedom,”
don’t you frigging


Fifty-five loaded words for the G-Man.  Go tell him and everyone.