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Once More

May 2, 2015

  Once More

I want
to stop time.
I want to park it on
a swing and re-arc
the same pie of sky
until I’ve had
my fill.
I don’t want
you to die.
Or me.
And I want to live all the many moments
this single one can be
again and again
until I get it

Aha!  It is May and a new poem (or draft poem) occurred to me last night.  I may link this to Real Toads as the poem turned out, on first write, to be exactly 55 words (and it happens to be a Flash 55 day.)  Or maybe I’ll come up with another!  Who knows?  (Freedom from compulsion–meaning the fact that my commitment to April is over and I can write as many poems a day as I wish –or not–is its own inspiration!)  Have a good weekend.

PS  Pic is mine–all rights reserved.