Under-towed (Parking Poem)


All night I churn with the busy pens
of meter maids and meter men,
their dark slacks cracked with ticket books
they pirouette around nasty looks,
their growling tow trucks mastiff pets,
their spiked tails aching to drag Corvettes–
so strange to the New Yorker-me
who feels nothing but antipathy
for cars but has one parked today
and prays in dream it’s not gone stray–

As gusty winds wuther through the height
of jamb-slipped window through the night,
I twist till blinds show dawn-grey pleats
then hurry off to check the streets.
I scan at first a blank of tar,
oh where, oh where, are you dumb car?
Then realize that it’s not this corner
(and that there’s hope for this here mourner),
till finally I find some cars
(included in the line-up, ours)
that sit with the tranquillity
of the alternate side nobility,
their windshields clear as the just-confessed
oh space, oh time–you are the best–
for Tuesdays, A.M., so match-less.

Here’s a very silly poem for dVerse Poets Open Link Night.  I am in the midst of moving! So have had to bring a car down to the city for a few days (as well as rent a truck!), and have been living in the middle of boxes.  It is very stressful, even though, thankfully, I’ve been able to get others to do most of the work.  I may be slow returning visits for a bit, but thanks for checking in. 

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21 Comments on “Under-towed (Parking Poem)”

  1. brian miller Says:

    i hope all goes well with the move…oy, just doing their job i guess..the meter people and their tickets…had a run in with one when i was there last…some fun slippery words in this one k…

  2. Best of luck with the move, honey. And I remember the hellish reality of owning a car in NYC, especially when we lived in Manhattan. The parking sides were ridiculous, and we racked up plenty of tix.

    Your rhymes were terrific, and I loved the mastiff cars, on the prowl, just a great metaphor! Peace, Amy


  3. I love that you took the time to capture this! It will be a great reminder of this move. Good job. = )

  4. Jamie Dedes Says:

    What a fun rhyme. You are very clever.

    I’d forgotten all about parking challenges in NY, finding your car, and alternative-side parking.

    True story: When I was pregnant with my son – about to burst any day – we went to get our car and found it stollen. On the way to report it at the police station – in my in-laws car – we passed our car, parked and partially stripped. Went on to police station and then back to get the car towed. Stollen again. And off again to the police station. Along the way found again. No tires. Totally stripped. Brooklyn. The next day I went into labor and we had to take a cab … that was 43 years ago. Imagine it’s worse now.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes, when I lived in Brooklyn, we had three different car thefts. One car was stolen twice – it was recovered once, and then stolen again after we repaired it. Crazily, the police called me about fifteen years later about that same car–it had been recovered at last. They admitted, I would have to get it towed out of the lot. You may recall that when the police kept it, you had to pay them for parking, even before you knew they had it.

      Where I live now is very safe for thefts –BPC–but terrible for parking. But Brooklyn used to be just terrible – full of chop shops. It is very funny that you found your car–the police really only recover them when they are ticketing or when the car is used in a crime. k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      PS – thanks for your comment, Jamie. k.

  5. claudia Says:

    hope the move goes well k… my son is the ultimate parking ticket collector…he could plaster his walls with them…ha… i try to be careful though basle is terrible for parking as well…try to go by tram and only take the car if i have to..

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Thanks. We just try to keep the car out of the city as much as possible. It is very difficult down here where I live especially. Other neighborhoods are not as bad, I think, but this one has very little space, and many meter people! k.

  6. Cars are useful until you have to park them… A bicycle is much less work. And the meter people are not easy to deal with… 🙂

  7. G-Man Says:

    Sorry, but I’m SO glad I live in Po-Dunk Midwest USA
    Be careful…G

  8. janehewey Says:

    wonderful witty-rhyme. was smiling the whole way through, hoping for a happy ending. we’ve had a car stolen. the thief needed to get to another part of town in a hurry, dropped it off with a few new bashes to its exterior, and cigarette smoke and sweet gum hanging in the interior. So glad your car is safensound and I wish you all the best with your move.

  9. cloudfactor5 Says:

    I sympathize, who enjoys moving? especially in the winter? I’m sure you’ll have better luck than me, when I moved to Vt in Feb 07 I had two feet of snow waiting in the driveway for me! Good luck with your move! Really enjoyed the poem, reminds of my first day in Queens when I got a parking ticket.

  10. hedgewitch Says:

    Cars are a lot of freakin work, imo. Not to mention in this case, a lot of worry. Out in the sticks here I couldn’t function without one, but still find them onerous at times. But it’s hard to haul much on a bicycle. This was a pure delight to read, k–unpleasant and stressful as what you’re going through must be. Thanks for making me smile while you are yourself probably not very smiley.

  11. ayala Says:

    Fun write. Good luck with the move. 🙂

  12. Deborah Says:

    I hate moving too, and remember well the pest meter men, maids all so serious doing their job. Hope everything goes well K. Engaging read~ D

  13. I have an alarm that goes off on Tuesday nights after work to remind me not to park my car on my street because the street cleaners come in the early morning, and I will get a 15.00 ticket. 😦 For a while I was one of the chief patrons of Northumberland’s street cleaning efforts.

  14. Oh, and I like the poem. I could feel it.

  15. lucychilil Says:

    great description of the meter folk and love this:
    “their spiked tails aching to drag Corvettes–”
    also liked the wuther of the heights, should be more of it =)

  16. Bodhirose Says:

    I can’t imagine the added stress of having to account for your car all of the time in NYC…wondering if it’s been towed or stolen. Loved your title for this, K and the humor you managed to come up with in spite of your anxious state. Loved Jamie’s story too!

  17. Blue Flute Says:

    I got a parking ticket last weekend after misreading a sign and thinking it was okay… bad idea to bring the car into the city 😦

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