Lavender–“When All Else Fails” (Mag 105)


Here’s my offering for Tess Kincaid’s Mag 105.

(Tess posts a wonderful weekly photographic prompt.  The original photo this week, and basis of my picture above, was by Epic Mahoney.)

I hate to double (or triple) up but, due to onslaught of demands (beside poeticizing), am also linking this to Imaginary Garden With Real Toads and dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.

When All Else Fails

And then there are those times
when one resorts
to lavender–
the scent in a drawer (tempered by cedar),
and folded inside, a kerchief with initials
cross-stitched in bottle blue–
when all has gone wrong, when
there is
last minute saving grace.

Even honey
can block a throat, lines cut, engine not
turning over, the days of horseback
gallop like the wind
no more.

Still, one pedals/pushes/pulls
through the pale of night as
across a sea or desert, holding,
in the chest of the mind, that drawer, that
handkerchief, the ghost
of lavender worn at wrists
that worked their way
through all of this before
(or something similar), the
lettered threads, cornered by
sieve edge 
of persistent lace,
signing the possible.

(As always, all rights reserved.  And as always, check out my comic novel, NOSE DIVE,  book of poetry, GOING ON SOMEWHERE, or children’s counting book 1 MISSISSIPPI.)

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30 Comments on “Lavender–“When All Else Fails” (Mag 105)”

  1. brian miller Says:

    smiles…the lavender handkerchief in a drawer makes me think of a mother and the comfort they might bring…or of a lover, a whole other kind of comfort but…i like the chester drawers of the mind as well…and it keeps us going….

  2. Chazinator Says:

    This definitely a powerful write and had me going back looking at it several times. A very richly textured poem whose oppennesd tomonterpretation I reall like a lot. The ending kind of blew away. Thanks.

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    The persistence of lace is a comforting idea, and I can believe in the renewal of lavender. Lovely poem of how we find significance in the private drawers where we set it aside to be safe for that time when we need it. Or whatever–may have completely missed the boat her, but that’s what I was getting. Made me feel better, just reading it.

  4. seingraham Says:

    Ah – is there anything as comforting as lavender? I don’t think so … and how wonderful to combine that scent with the notion of a monogrammed handkerchief … very nice. I like what you did to the photo as well …

  5. kaykuala Says:

    A lavender in a drawer, an aromatic hankie! It brings home that nostalgic feeling all over again!


  6. David King Says:

    Inspired and inspirational.

  7. Trellissimo Says:

    This is exceptional…

  8. Zoe Says:

    Richly evocative and tender, hopeful but hurting. Sigh. I LOVE what you have captured here, and I love the way you quietly yet deftly re-interpreted the photo. I usually try to pick a favourite line, but honestly, the whole poem sang out to me here, and it’s a melody I want to hear again… 🙂

  9. Tess Kincaid Says:

    Lavender, indeed…complete loveliness…

  10. zongrik Says:

    you’re right, that whole picture smells like lavender, great connection.

    meditation station

  11. Something very soft and soothing about this. Very nice, K!

  12. claudia Says:

    this is a poem i can smell…and i love poems i can smell..there’s much comfort in this..and while pedaling through the pale of night still holding on to it..

  13. I love the smell of lavender… your words bring the smell to my memory. Lovely.

    My poet’s pub poem: A Potty Plaque for Giving Back.

  14. Lavender was used so much in older days. I miss the Lavender fields in England. The vibrant colours were something else but, the smell was so wonderful and, I used to keep a couple of (Still wrapped) bars of lavender soap in my dresser drawers because as you pull clothes out, they smell so fresh of it.
    A very lovely write.

  15. I loved everything about this poem. It really drew me in, made me remember my grandma’s day, with the blue lettered hankies…….sigh. Just lovely.

  16. jenneandrews Says:

    Gorgeous poem– so descriptive and poignant and true to itself– lovely. I especially love these lines:

    Still, one pedals/pushes/pulls
    through the pale of night as
    across a sea or desert, holding,
    in the chest of the mind, that drawer, that
    handkerchief, the ghost
    of lavender worn at wrists..

    Very poignant! mine is not on wordpress but up per usual at– there is a longer poem after that I don’t anticipate anyone will want to read. All best to you– xxxj

  17. Eve Redwater Says:

    Lavender is my favourite scent! The lines about the drawer remind me of my childhood, lining them with lavender scented sheets. 🙂

  18. Heaven Says:

    I enjoyed the details in your poem like the kerchief and drawer…butt the last verse is my favorite ~

    Thanks for sharing this at RT and D’verse ~

  19. Gay Says:

    I want to write you handkerchief tales but I’ll take your metaphor and tuck it in my mother’s cedar heart that she got for an engagement present. This is as carefully stitched as hand made lace on fine linen. Lovely.

  20. Helen Says:

    For sure ~ one of my favorites this week!

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