Dance Dance Resolution


Dance Dance Resolution

No more waiting
to waltz, delaying
fandango. Time’s wasting without
your hand about
my waist. So,
memento the moment;
let’s go all creak
in the knees–you, me–one two three
one two three–


Here’s a little draft ditty (draft, because I keep changing it) for dVerse Poets Open Link Night. 

Congrats to all those who wrote a poem a day for National Poetry Month!   Or even a poem every other day.  Good job.

P.S. – as always, unless otherwise posted, all the visual aspects of my post – drawings, photos, pachyderms–are under my copyright and all rights are reserved. 

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39 Comments on “Dance Dance Resolution”

  1. janehewey Says:

    just love your terrific wordplay, the syncopated way they dance through this piece. now is the time, for certain.

  2. claudia Says:

    ah smiles….dance on, dance on..there’s rhythm in this…elephants can be so tender dancers, right… smiles

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    A waist is a terrible thing to waste, as they say. Tripping the light fandango, elephant style. They look extremely graceful, too, and your words provide just the right beat–not to mention attitude. AFA April, not sure I’m still writing as rationally as this myself, but at least it’s over! ;._)

  4. Tony Maude Says:

    They look way more graceful than me on the dance floor! I really enjoyed your “ditty”.

  5. I love that title so much. So very, very much. I want to marry it.

    And the poem has excellent rhythm. Just awesomesauce all round.

  6. Pat Hatt Says:

    Those creeks in the knees can sure be a pain, great wordplay at your lane.

  7. brian miller Says:

    memento the moment…smiles…i like that…and we def need not waste any time…or any waist…smiles…surely we must dance…ha…i like…and cool pic of your elephants…

  8. zongrik Says:

    pretty much anyone can hack away at a waltz on the dance floor, and that’s part of its beautry

    nano birthing chamber

  9. Loved “memento the moment” and the creaks in the knees, ONE two three… way to go out on a bang! Also, your charming elephant illustration… they are my fave to draw, and I’ve always anthropomorphized them, too! (Like the Belgian cats…)

    Congrats on a great month all around. In Manic as well, your sister, Amy

  10. nico Says:

    Very nice sounds in this, you’ve a great ear–nicely done!

  11. This made me smile–that might be my husband and I–

  12. Love this … and the picture makes it just adorable

  13. Talon Says:

    This was so sweet and so charming (as is the illustration). I am smiling because my knees were creaking today when I was out in the garden doing some spring clean-up.

  14. Such a cool drawing to go along with a fun poem.

  15. love that! 😉 “memento the moment”

    and, the idea it’s a draft since it keeps changing, that’s pretty good 😉

    thanks k.!

  16. ayala Says:

    Sweet and delightful 🙂

  17. kaykuala Says:

    in the knees–you, me–one two three
    one two three–

    Brings back memories of how it all started! Nicely k!


  18. Grace Says:

    I like the sweet picture and the matching dancing words ~ Cheers K ~

  19. Chazinator Says:

    Very very sweet. How I want to dance, dancing to the stars 🙂

  20. Very cute, creaky in the knees……. 🙂

  21. I want to do say something different. The title of this poem is brilliant. The repetitious use of “Dance” is special. You tapped into something for this poem with that title. Whatever inspired you with title, visit there frequently and listen and do what it say often. Bravo!

  22. Good words, glorious elephants! Can’t get over the expressions on their faces ~ you’re such a talent k. 🙂

  23. Mohana Says:

    Terrific!!! And the drawing is oh-so-cute!! 🙂

  24. Kelvin S.M. Says:

    ..just dance…dance… and dance… let alone the music of the moment take your innocent surrender… smiles…

  25. Akila Says:

    the pic is very cute and the poem just rhymes well with the characters!! a JUMBO effect!

  26. Steve King Says:

    The graphic and the graceful verse complement each other so well. I hope you can one day publish a collection of all your elephants!

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Thanks. I do have a little counting book, 1 Mississippi, but it would be fun to do something more wide ranging, I think. Thanks much for the idea! k.

  27. kkkkaty Says:

    This has a classic sound to it with a boogie beat it ~

  28. Pamela Says:

    Life is the dance, creaky knees and all. Nice read, Karin.


  29. vb holmes Says:

    Like “memento the moment”–fun words and nice rhythm.

  30. Linda Rogers Says:

    Love the rhythm of the dance. Makes me want to get off this recliner and shake it.

  31. Kim Nelson Says:

    LOVE the phrase ‘memento the moment,’ K. And I also love the attitude and confidence herein conveyed.

  32. Jenny Woolf Says:

    This is elegant. reminds me in a way of ee cummings.

  33. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    Sweet! 🙂

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