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Who’s My Dada? (Will)

June 27, 2014


Who’s My Dada? (Will)

(A cut-up of Shakespearean phrases that have entered
common parlance.)

The wish is
to wear my heart on
all corners of the world
though I am a native here,
manner-born (then sinning)–

A pound of
paradise swoop
inches the milk
of human sea change.

But, oh–on this stage
of free woe and
hanging kindness (a tale),
father the deed
and, on thy sleeve, comfort
thine own true–


Okay, I confess that this is a bit of a goof–I like Dada visual art, but have a harder time with the poetry, but here is a poem that I made up from cuts of Shakespearean phrses that have gone into the common parlance.  I literally scribbled a bunch down on the train and then cut up the pages very randomly with scissors, excising many words and dissecting little bits of phrases, then dropped them on the floor and picked some up.  My husband has said it does not seem to mean much–judge for yourself!


This is belatedly for a dVerse prompt by Victoria on Dadaist poetry.

The photo is a detail from a light sculpture by my husband, Jason Martin. It seemed to go with the idea of paradise swoop.