Through the Crinkly Boots


When I put on my boots this morning, they felt really cold and crinkly.

I remembered that the last time I wore them I tried to hike over a stream.


I think the correct word is “ford.”


But I only had my own two feet, which have a lot less traction than most tires.  Especially modern ones .


I kind of wished I’d put on my special thick socks, with the super cool stripes, but, hey, the boots were laced up already.

And after I wore them around the house a while either they relaxed or my feet grew crinkly.  Either way, they felt more or less in sync.


Then I went outside.

Have you ever felt your toes get cold?  Have you ever NOT felt your toes get cold?


As I trudged around, I thought about my special thick socks sitting so cozily in my drawer, their cool stripes useless in its darkness.

20131207-200033.jpgBut I kept trudging.

No-toes and all

Tree trunks striping the snow,

but my feet in frozen solids.

I am linking the above to the dVerse Poets Pub prompt by the wonderful Claudia Schoenfeld to write something about Through the Looking Glass/ Alice in Wonderland and/or Advent.  I’m not sure this fits but it is what I have done!

(All rights in the pictures, such as they are, as well as the text are mine, and cannot be reproduced without permission.  Thanks! )

Happy Saturday and do check out the other wonderful poets at dVerse.

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24 Comments on “Through the Crinkly Boots”

  1. Mary Says:

    Karin yes I have indeed felt my feet THAT cold. Definitely not a pleasant feeling….but a very REAL one. So frustrating when one’s thick socks, the ones that would have helped, are left at home. I enjoyed your art work, as always.

  2. brian miller Says:

    ha. i like your pics…and the smiles that come with them…i lived outdoors for a year,, so my feet at times lived in a state of crinkly…i def invested in good socks…i do like a good trudge around though….

  3. Wonderful poem – great pics – and yes my toes have been that cold too – like Mary says, knowing your thick socks are at home is frustrating … 🙂

  4. dulcinaandgnome Says:

    Well, I’m not sure if this fits Claudia’s challenge either, but I’ve enjoyed your words and your pics a lot, thanks! And about your question, yes, I have felt that kind of cold that makes me feel footless, brrrr!
    Happy Advent near a good fireplace!

  5. So so Cool! loved the pics and yes I have felt or not felt my toes when I have been that cold!

  6. kkkkaty1 Says:

    Does this have to do with faith, karin…that in order to get through this life we need to remember to always wear our thick socks..then our toes (unfortunate things in life) would, no, not go away, but would be less apt to numb us. To carry us through and to take us over the bumpy path we need to know they are in a safe place and we are better off with them on our feet?? Way to go!

  7. hedgewitch Says:

    I was smiling from the beginning, but when I got to the existential angst of the thick stripy socks, I cracked completely up. LOVE the drawings–really these are some of my favorites ever of yours…the crinkliness is so well-done,and the vanished toes, the truncated feet looking still quite capable but missing the company. I hope I picked up on all the good stuff here in the dark, but will definitely revisit once I have my new toy, just in case. My feet have so felt like that fifth picture. Along with the light touch, you also capture the out of place feeling meeting nature one on one in such conditions brings on–like you are just not constructed for it–yet you know you will enjoy it(sort of) if you just push on through all the cold.Of course, you would enjoy it *much* more with socks. ;_)

  8. Susan Chast Says:

    Yes. YES!!! These are my feet which are everything on the path and I would rather feel them always. The lines and pictures are pretty neat and evocative. Fun.

  9. kaykuala Says:

    Chuckles! Happiness is in the warmness of thick socks, certainly! Nice little sketches and very apt too!


  10. Ha! 😀 What is the use of warm socks if we do not wear them?- I have pondered over it many times. Good one and really cool drawings. 🙂

  11. claudia Says:

    how cool… love how you illustrate the story with your drawings k. – and oh if you don’t feel the toes anymore…. ugh… reminded me of some hikes i did and the good feeling if everything thaws once you get into the warmth again…

  12. Nothing’s worst than cold feet.. that’s one of the reason I have stopped tenting in snow.. I remember how boots that are actually frozen solid feels while you have to slowly warm them up trying to ski.. I know what you mean when the feet and boot reach a compromise on wrinkledness … 🙂

  13. Sherry Marr Says:

    I so enjoyed this journey and your illustrations. LOVE the socks’ lament: what’s the POINT? Cackle.

  14. Waltermarks Says:

    I sympathize with you. My feet don’t heat all the way back up till April or May, brrr!

  15. I think this fits just fine. So true all you have written, I like your illustrations they were fun.

  16. lucychili Says:

    it fits. it is wonderful. drawing and journey are great. whimsical.

  17. Totally entertaining ! I can see and feel it all! I hate cold toes! You’re a terrific sketching artist ! xx Debbie

  18. janehewey Says:

    this is chock full of feeling, despite the lack of feeling in your toes. feeling of lack and should-have. I always appreciate the light-heartedness you bring to your work. here, the drawings especially sweet and the socks at home in the drawer like a beacon somewhere down the road.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Jane, for your kind comment. I really enjoyed doing the drawings and hope to get more time to so more as my limited abilities force a kind of light-heartedness! K.


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