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Hot Day–Imagined Beach (with you know what.)

June 2, 2013


Hot here. I fear some browsers don’t show a whole picture uploaded from iPhone app (which is what I use) so posting smaller file black and white version below. (Sorry for repetition–I get nasty surprises sometimes when I check a post on a regular computer after posting on a mobile device and find that only half the pic is there! The lady elephant in corner would not like to be cut out! Usually if you click on photo or drawing, whole will show.)

Stay cool!


Demise of the Asian Elephant

March 20, 2011

The above, which I admit is a little bathetic, is a response to terribly sad article by the Associated Press today, “Last Stand of the Asian Elephant,” about the struggle between Asian elephants desperate to maintain habitat (and already decimated in ways that destroy traditional social structures) and local inhabitants.  Both sides are suffering;  the elephants, amazingly crafty at times, wildly angry at others, have wrecked destruction and violent death, but, of course, human beings tend to excel at those sorts of things; an awful situation.

Pack-y-derm (Not)

January 5, 2011


A short trip tomorrow.  Very early.  Involves packing.

I hate packing.  It feels like a test.  The strange thing is that I don’t mind doing without, moderate discomfort, making do, but I hate to forget things, not to have thought of things, to have failed in my mission (in other words.)

Oh well.

The King(?)’s Speech

December 26, 2010

The King(?)'s Speech

A lovely film.  (Not a dog and elephant show, but if you’ve seen it, you’ll understand.)


Yanks Re-sign Jeter (Hurrah!)

December 4, 2010

Baseball elephants are happy.

Going To No Down Florida, Cold

December 2, 2010


I wake up in a very chilly bedroom this morning–no heat and a big window always slides open at the top, only closing again through some precarious sill-standing and serious neck-wrenching–with a need to pack for Florida.


There are moments when the waterlogged air and smouldering concrete of the Sunshine State really do seem to beckon.  Not to mention the deep blue expanse on hatted head, the warmth on bare arms, the crunch of Bermuda grass under Birks.

Then I read that the temperature at my planned destination (the “Space Coast”) is currently 43 degrees!

That’s not much better than my bedroom!  Where I have down!

Who has down in Florida?  There’s something about even wool in Florida that feels icky.  Sticky.  Thick.  (It’s not exactly sheep country.)

I don’t mean to be hard on Florida but, well, it’s more like fleece country.  (You know, the stuff made out of plastic bottles.)

I’ll stop.  The state is really tremendously beautiful, or would be, if you took away some of the houses and banks. drive-in medical facilities and strip malls, golf courses and SUVs, beach side condos and hotels, and even a couple of bikini shops.   (Maybe not bikini shops.)

It will also be in the upper 60s during the day, maybe even higher.


Nanowrimo Eyes (i.e. Sore)

November 7, 2010


All computer and more computer makes Jill have very sore eyes.

My nanowrimo collation of words (I don’t think it can be called a novel at this point) has passed the 18,000 mark (about 75 pages) but it is unfortunately what my mother-in-law would call a cold collation (a platter of cold slices–meat, cheese, tomato.)

In other words, there’s not much cooking yet.  (I started out with plenty of potboiling despair, but that was mainly venting in “fiction” and I don’t think I can actually use it.)

Still, there is, at least, a framework for characters and a story that I had never thought about before.  (Granted, anyone reading it may think:  aren’t these exactly like the characters in every single thing you write?  But I’ll reply, genuinely astonished, “really?”)

Although it is a mere framework, I comfort myself with thoughts of Obama’s health care legislation–that, at least, it’s something to hang things on–or from.  (Sorry, I’m a huge Obama fan, as followers know– what I mean is that at least it’s a start and that, sigh, you do what you can.)

Unfortunately, my right eye has now revolted.  (I type this wearing sunglasses.)

What is to be done?

A notebook and pen truly are suitable alternatives to a computer.  Granted, most people (i.e. me) hate typing up their scratchings, but people have used these implements for a very long time, producing wonders.