After You’ve Been Suddenly Sick


After You’ve Been Suddenly Sick

This morning’s moon’s a miracle
like the stone rolled away
from the tomb,
like a stone rolled
to the crest of a hill so high
that my own private Sisyphus sighs,
exhaling opalescent wonder.
Light reflected from who knows when
shines brighter
than the freshest egg blue
and when I say to you,
“come see, if you feel well enough,”
you are beside me,
lithe, shining, and warm, as always, when wrested
from a deep sleep, a miracle,
and the stone
that can sometimes be my heart
catches that light from above
and from my side, and grows smooth
around its edges, like the word


Here’s a poem posted very belatedly for Izzy Gruye’s prompt on With Real Toads to write a poem about the moon that doesn’t mention normal sky words. (I’m not sure I’ve actually done it here.)

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36 Comments on “After You’ve Been Suddenly Sick”

  1. hedgewitch Says:

    This has a warm, natural-feeling flow to it, k, and yet it doesn’t sacrifice a bit of craft–everything feels balanced and ‘right’ in the language, so that the mood and feeling just shine. The first two lines so declarative and alliterative, put us there in the window, and ‘roll’ us along with them, with the recurring metaphor of the stone being very speaking all the way to the end. I hope your husband is feeling better. So good to have your poetry back.

  2. Okelle Says:

    I love the repetition of the stone imagery. And yes, I think you managed to avoid sky words — or tormenting the moon in general.

    Great opening line, too: “This morning’s moon’s a miracle.” Unexpected on so many levels, like the variations on the stone.

  3. brian miller Says:

    there is relief in this for me…the rounding of those edges, the miracle each day of waking up to life…in the comfort of knowing all is well if only for one more day…esp after feeling sick or not feeling well…glad he is better.

  4. This is an awesome poem – in the true sense of the word. The thought process which went into the end result is intelligent and sensitive. This is one of the best examples of poetry I have read in months.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much, Kerry. I keep playing with the first line – I had “This morning’s moon’s a miracle,” which is a bit of a stumble, but I kind of like whole sentence rather than “This morning’s moon a miracle,” so may go back to that. Thanks very much for your kind words – I sometimes feel like I edit things into submission making them worse and worse and worse-and this was one that felt like that for a while when I was thinking about it, but then I sort of started fresh again, and it felt better. k.

  5. claudia Says:

    oh what a lovely write for your hubs…did you read it to him..? it’s like heaven on earth that first day of feeling better after an illness..

  6. Waltermarks Says:

    Healing is always such a beautiful promise. I’m glad he found it. The poem has a very natural sounding flow to it, very graceful.

  7. A true Watermark of writing !

  8. I was impressed by lines 2-5 of your poem. I’m so glad you did that. It got the poem really going for me. I felt like a kid on a piece of cardboard sliding down a grassy hillside. The rest was just a treat.

  9. Mary Says:

    Ah, it is always nice when one who has been sick turns the corner and evidences that he is once again WELL. I liked the first lines of the poem with the mention of the stone rolled away; and the word ‘promise’ is the perfect ending.

  10. Gay Cannon Says:

    A love song that’s true, not gooey or romantic, or full of soap suds and day dreams but of love fulfilled and nurturing. Lovely.

  11. Myrna Says:

    This is so special and beautiful. Glad that your hubby is better. I’m sure the recovery will be quick if you keep writing such wonderful poems. I really enjoye this one – the smoothing of the edges on the stone – lovely.

  12. OK….. That’s just simply beautiful…… all cute little elephants and kiddie stuff aside, (momentarily, ) this poem is incredibly grown up and touching. Truly, really enjoyed this and how far are the boundaries of the Miss Manic that I know? This poem makes them seem endless. Keep doing this please……

    and the stone
    that can sometimes be my heart
    catches that light from above
    and from my side, and grows smooth
    around its edges, like the word


  13. Margaret Says:

    shines brighter
    than the freshest egg blue

    a lovely image, gazing out the window, together…

  14. apshilling Says:

    such wonderful poetry and meaning in tune. the title caught me tightly early and opened me up to your words which truly feel their way into something significant to say.

    that my own private Sisyphus sighs,
    exhaling opalescent wonder.

    real power in these words and I am ultimately left feeling stronger or defiantly affected for the reading

  15. Talicha J. Says:

    I think you’ve done a lovely job with the prompt 🙂 I really loved it, especially:
    “and the stone
    that can sometimes be my heart
    catches that light from above
    and from my side, and grows smooth
    around its edges, like the word
    yep, that whole thing 🙂

  16. Alex Dissing Says:

    I loved the way you ended this heartfelt piece of poetry.

  17. Evocative and powerful. I love the imagery in this well constructed poem.

  18. beckykilsby Says:

    ooh, the colour and warmth and texture are lovely here.. and deliver such a powerful emotion. Very much enjoyed this K

  19. warm and evocative. I like the first line ‘morning’s moon is a miracle..sets the tone beautifully

  20. Linda Says:

    I can feel the murkiness of illness slipping away with Sisyphus taking a break, that opalescent breath. Thank goodness for that shining moon.

  21. Lovely sentiments here, and you have done a beautiful job achieving a writing without “sky” words. Beautifully penned. “Promise” and “hope,” hold on tight to these!

  22. ayala Says:

    Great poem. So true the wonderful feeling when you finally feel better after being sick. Happy he is feeling better.

  23. Pamela Says:

    Karin, such lovely lines in this. I am glad your husband is feeling better, It stinks to feel bad and it is worse to see our loved ones feel that way.. It is also nice to see you at dVerse. It seems like a long time.


  24. Truedessa Says:

    A lovely poem about healing and the last few lines were amazing and I hope promise always grows.

  25. grapeling Says:

    I really like how you move the stone here, K.

  26. Debi Swim Says:

    It is all beautiful to read but esp., those first 7 lines – heavenly.

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