Nanowrimo Eyes (i.e. Sore)


All computer and more computer makes Jill have very sore eyes.

My nanowrimo collation of words (I don’t think it can be called a novel at this point) has passed the 18,000 mark (about 75 pages) but it is unfortunately what my mother-in-law would call a cold collation (a platter of cold slices–meat, cheese, tomato.)

In other words, there’s not much cooking yet.  (I started out with plenty of potboiling despair, but that was mainly venting in “fiction” and I don’t think I can actually use it.)

Still, there is, at least, a framework for characters and a story that I had never thought about before.  (Granted, anyone reading it may think:  aren’t these exactly like the characters in every single thing you write?  But I’ll reply, genuinely astonished, “really?”)

Although it is a mere framework, I comfort myself with thoughts of Obama’s health care legislation–that, at least, it’s something to hang things on–or from.  (Sorry, I’m a huge Obama fan, as followers know– what I mean is that at least it’s a start and that, sigh, you do what you can.)

Unfortunately, my right eye has now revolted.  (I type this wearing sunglasses.)

What is to be done?

A notebook and pen truly are suitable alternatives to a computer.  Granted, most people (i.e. me) hate typing up their scratchings, but people have used these implements for a very long time, producing wonders.


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