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Game Is Still On (The Tenth!) But Here’s Hoping–

October 10, 2012

Go Yankees!

I’ve posted this picture before (a watercolor by yours truly) but it sometimes proves lucky.  So, with apologies for those who’ve seen it (and for those outside of NYC!), here’s hoping.

Go Yankees!

October 15, 2010


Go Yankees!


They don’t give up!  (Then win.)

Why Jeter Wasn’t A Cheater

September 18, 2010

Why Derek Jeter Wasn’t Cheating When He Pretended To Be Hit By a Pitch.

1.  It might have gotten his sleeve.

2.  And did get him on first base.

3.  If it had hit him, it would have really hurt.

4.  They do it in soccer. (And they have a World Cup that really does involve the whole world.)

5.  In fact, feigning/bluffing is a time-honored tactic in any game.  (See e.g. poker.)  (Forget soccer.)

6.  He’s a Yankee and I’m from New York.

7.  He’s Derek Jeter (and I’m from New York.)

On base

(PS – sorry these are a re-posting of last night’s drawings.)

Go Matsui! Go Yankees! Go Elephants!

November 5, 2009
Elephant Inspired By Hideki Matsui

At Bat - Elephant Inspired by Hideki Matsui


All rights reserved, Karin Gustafson.

If you like elephants, check out 1 Mississippi  by Karin Gustafson at Amazon, or link from ManicDDaily homepage.

Go Yankees! Going to Game 1!!!!

October 28, 2009

I was going to write about re-watching movies tonight, BUT I was given a very generous gift of a ticket to the Yankees’ game, Game 1 of the World Series.  The WORLD SERIES!

I’ve never been to a world series before; (I’ve only been to a couple of live baseball games); and I understand that elephants are not allowed to play.

Accordingly, the pictures below are not really accurate depictions of what I hope to see and not see tonight.  But in the interest of keeping true to the name of this blog (ManicDDaily), and in the hope that my good intentions (at least) will bring the Yankees good luck…..


What I Don't Plan To See 1

What I Do Not Plan To See Tonight

What I Don't Plan To See 2

What I Also Don't Plan to See Tonight


Go Sabithia!

Elephant Baseball

Go Yankees!

All rights reserved.  Karin Gustafson

Go Yankees! Hoping For Luck.

October 25, 2009
Go Yankees!

Go Yankees!

Top of the Ninth, Yankees ahead, Mariano on the mound, hoping for luck, continued luck.  (And pennant.)

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Go Yankees! Go Sabathia!

October 21, 2009
Go Yankees !  Go Sabithia!

Elephant Baseball.

A masterful job by Sabathia.  (I’m sorry–I think  I draw elephants better than people.) 

Though if you like elephants,   check out 1 Mississippi, by Karin Gustafson at link above.