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Elephant man tree

January 23, 2018

Charcoal on paper. 2018. All rights reserved.

More color (and elephant)!

December 26, 2017

Pastel on paper (on ice skates.). All rights reserved.

Not I(sle)

April 19, 2016


Not I(sle)

I will not go as I arise
to till another glade
though its clay be good for bean rows
and bees may have it made.

I don’t care to find some peace there–
it won’t happen if we’re there too–
not because we drop things–
but because I’m me, you’re you.

You’re sorry about the singing–
I know–you have explained–
and in bed, you hate that purple glow–
(though I dim my phone when you complain.)

Still, I’ll not go when I arise
for always night and day;
I want your side close-lapping
especially, by the way,

when I’m in the City,
upon the pavement gray,
also when in the country
where linnets’ wings hold sway.

I want your side close-lapping
as we shift limbs old and sore,
even through the fleece and flannel,
to feel your deep heart’s core.


poem of sorts of some number for April–for Brendan’s wonderful prompt on Real Toads about turning something on its tail, poetic surprise.  I fear I’ve cheated a bit here, cribbing  from one of my very favorite (and much mined) poems, The  Lake Isle of Innisfree by Yeats.   Recycling older pic too.  (Any port in a storm.)  All rights reserved.


August 16, 2015




Time–she had a stitch or nine,
because she ran so hard and fast;
it sewed itself along her sweep
until she slowed her pace at last;

and all of us who tie our shoes
and dash our morning faces wake,
slippered into sudden sigh,
though carapace began to shake–

By that, I mean our peanut shells
so welded by centripety,
their brittle case won’t whittle down
even under battery

(though we don’t batter much our shells
for arms are thoraxed tight within
and Time’s bright gait so blurs our view
we miss the spinning at our end.)

But as Time slowed, if for scant breaths,
the dervish dance cast by her draft
unspooled and drooped, and feet adrift,
we swayed, then lurched, as on a raft

that washed up from a sea of notion–
each own’s idea of what this ocean
of floating storm is made up of,
this life we row, this row we motion–

Next landed on a slant shore’s sands
and while Time’s hands massaged her side,
we, creatures of a patterned beat,
assayed a waltz through lapping tide–

Soon enough, Time ran again,
with seams unstitched and hands a’scissored–
in her upswings how we whirred,
and at her strokes, how quivered, quivered.

A draft poem of sorts–meaning freshly written and little edited for my own prompt on Time on With Real Toads.   The drawing is an old one, not perfect for this poem,  but my laziness makes me a believer in recycling–


Elephant Break?

May 21, 2015

Hey all!

I love writing poems!  Frequently!   Largely thanks to you guys!

But I have long-standing projects on back burners.  I tend to neglect these when focusing on poetry.  (Especially since my employer also expects me to do stuff.)

In order to resuscitate the other projects (and relieve that slow burn–it really gets to me), I seem to need to take a formal break from blogging poetry.

So, here’s my plan.  I am going to try to take a break from posting poems, but I do hope to keep posting–mainly little drawings and such. (Probably complaints!)

But hopefully, they’ll be fun drawings/complaints.

Anyway, keep visiting!  (If interested.)  Not to make you feel obligated (ha!) but your support is very deeply appreciated!



Poet’s Really Bad Headache – Friday Flash 55

July 19, 2013


Poet’s Really Bad Headache

The word “vertigo’s” not apt.
You can’t go vertical; you can’t go anywhere
except into absolute stillness.  Compensating
for the spin.

Movement allowed – the swollen beading of brain, sweat, finger tips.

One droplet tells you that your sonnet
(written before full cloud)
has only thirteen lines.

Ha, you sort of think.  Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha


Mid-morning I was hit by a just super head-ache/vertigo/inner ear thing.  So, like any good blogger, I am telling you all about it now that I feel well enough to sit up and type.  Still not 100% but infinitely better.  Tell it to the wonderful G-Man.

And I’m sorry = I realize the sonnet I posted just before headache struck really did only have thirteen lines.  I am blaming on the “aura” and am going to try to fix it and post again.  But probably not today.

P.S. – I’m sorry I’ve not been able to return visits – also tried to work today (on phone as much as possible).  Will try to make it up tomorrow.  Many thanks as always for your kindness. 

Murder mysteries?

May 28, 2013


I have lately been reading a lot of murder mysteries. Or at least some mysteries. With murders.

Did the elephant do it???

I am posting from mobile devices lately so can’t be sure that pictures are posting properly so posting a smaller version below.


“Is It Working Now?”

March 6, 2013


Internet still funky, i.e. on/off.

Days in NYC still box-ridden.

Some can turn obstacles into art.

Others can only churn out elephants, and even those,

just one at a time.

Summer begins in earnest (with Elephant and Dog)

June 20, 2012


Not Exactly “Dog” Tired…

June 3, 2012


A crowd of wonderful, but somewhat stressful, events has left me deeply fatigued.  Enough so that I feel like I need to put at least a short-term halt on anything that is not immediately mandated.  This includes things I really love – like blogging.

I am pretty springy, so my break is likely to be brief.   But in the meantime, apologies to all to whom I owe I comments and thanks.  That means anyone reading this!  Thanks so much for your ongoing support.  Take care. k.