Frustrated (Filial)


Frustrated (Filial)

I have my mother here.
I get furious at her, perhaps unfairly, because
she does not always understand people
who are different from her.

Often she is open, sympathetic
to all beings of the
world, other times
less so.

And just as she does not mean
to be intolerant, I do not mean
to be angry.  But old habits-what it meant/means
to be misunderstood–what it means/meant
to fail at being
die hard.  Anger certainly
won’t cover
lost ground; and yet we trot it out, an
old plough horse that knows well
its way home.


Ha!  Here’s a draft poem.  No resemblance to any person living or dead is intended.

My mother is, in fact, a very tolerant person.  She likes to get involved in political arguments that I personally find almost intolerable.   I just don’t like politics very much. 

Also, as in the case of many people’s mothers probably, she has a hard time understanding the demands of a second career as, for example,  a blogger! (Agh.) 

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11 Comments on “Frustrated (Filial)”

  1. Mary Says:

    I understand how hard it must be to again have the mother daughter roles playing out once again in the same household for the holidays. Old patterns so easily return. Stay calm and remember this too shall pass. Ha. Maybe your mom feels the same. LOL

  2. brian miller Says:

    smiles….so she keeps it fun to be around her eh… bring out my sister in law and then we really have issues…we are polar opposites and she one to speak her mind, no matter how addled it is….grins….luckily we are heading the other direction this year, that sister in law is just a hot head and a whole lot more fun to watch…grins…

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes. I am not good at tuning out what I disagree with, and family/emotional history complicates – as does stress of work life. I think it will b e okay – I must calm down. I am also having wife of the sweet serviceman in my family – one in Afghanistan – so that will change dynamic too – All good really – just have to get through work week. Have a great time. Hope you are on vacation now or soon!

  3. it sounds like its from your experience, very well captured for sure.

  4. K, I can so relate to this, though my own family is scattered to the winds, and I know the blame lies with both (or all) parties in family kerfuffles, though sometimes I think we weight our own guilt heavier–speaking as one, I think it’s harder for older people to remember that disagreeable as it is to be old(and it is) it’s just as hard to be young, sometimes harder because as we age we naturally shed many former responsibilities and become more like children in freedom of choice–that can be good or very not good, but it’s all a cycle, and patterns set over years in a family really aren’t ever changed. They sometimes do progress and mature, though, into something better. I applaud you for having your mother with you, and spending these days with her. I know you won;t regret it in the long run, however trying it may get in the short term.As always, your draft poems are better than many of my own finished products–I especially like the anger/plough horse metaphor–so true.

    Have a very good Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year,if I don’t manage to get back before then.

  5. claudia Says:

    smiles…think all of us can relate in one or the other way…i had such a hard time with my mother in law the first years… let me put it like this..diplomacy is not her first character strength…smiles

  6. Old patterns die hard–smiles to you this holiday–and I am with hedgewitch–love this “draft”

  7. It’s when they play the ‘older … wiser’ card …

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