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Some Not Quite Nirvana Urbanas

August 12, 2016


Some Not Quite Nirvana Urbanas

The Buddha pestering,
I grew hungry for change–
but re-wiring desire’s no easy matter
for a serial committer
of the sidelong-look-in-the-mirror sin, sins of nattiness too–vanity, pride-
oh, I, oh
how I tried–as mad for affirmation
as a hatter for a brim–

Me-walking here,
me-walking there
where still some wish constantly
swirled about head/hair–

till finally going back
to good old Houston and Mott,
climbing to my flat,
my fifth-floor walk-up spot,

where, from the bathtub in the kitchen,
I looked out to a night
jeweled by cars that waited only
for a light
to change,

just sat there, feeling pruny
but intrepid, adding hot
when the water tepid

(did I mention it was rent-

content enough
for a time.


A bit of silliness for Grapeling’s prompt on Real Toads to write a poem using the names of three cities.  I think I have five here–AND a couple of states.  Have a nice weekend!

Ps pic is mine as well.  As always, all rights reserved in all content.

pps I’m pretty sure a desire for natty clothes is not one of my particular sins, and I tend not to look for myself in mirrors.  All that said, I did have a flat with the bath tub in the kitchen for some time.

ppps check out my new book:  Dogspell!  Also check out my other books!  1 Mississippi, Going on Somewhere, Nose Dive, and Nice.  




Concert Notes (Postcard to Somewhere)

July 30, 2016


Concert Notes

Oh how I wish you were here,
you with your owl-wink glasses
to see how the second violinists played
as if they were horses,
their instruments unmuted muzzles
that reared and nodded
beneath bow’s rein,
their hair like black manes flicked
against time,
their arms making quick
the air–oh how I wished
you were there,
the Mozart canter:

your hand then
as warm as the blood
of a living body
would have cupped mine, whispering
in the silent tongue of hands, so careful of
the sweet music.



Sort of a drafty poem for Kerry O’Connor’s prompt on Real Toads to write a poem inspired by the idea of a postcard.  I call this a draft as I’ve written a few different versions since last night and not sure about any of them.  The pic, such as it is, also mine.  All rights reserved.

Also sorry to make another plug, but check out my new book, Dogspell! on Amazon.  When at Amazon, check out my other books!  1 Mississippi, Going on Somewhere, Nose Dive, and Nice.  



Lonely Bell

July 19, 2016


Lonely Bell

I am flawed
in every aspect.
If there were a law about me
it would be Murphy’s.
If there were an aspic,
it would not
have properly gelled.

The bell tolls for me
only in the sense
that it wrings from me
some price.

But here’s what’s nice–

Someone with wings,
someone unlike me, unwrung,
might not listen to the bell,

and the bell wheresoe’re it tolls
(and it is “‘ere”) wants
to be listened to, wants
a following whom,
or hum–
that lonely bell,
you know,
that one–


Drafty poem for Real Toads Open Platform, hosted by Kerry O’Connor.  

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The Trojan Magpie

July 15, 2016


The Trojan Magpie

The Trojan Magpie seemed genuine enough–
it flew on wings of jet and tail of white;
with caw and screech both querulously bluff,
cocked eyes that could look cellophanely bright.

Yes, it hoarded gilt, shine, profane gaud,
and greeted perceived rot with greedy cry
yet no bird heart was held by this mag fraud
nor knowledge of the shape of earth or sky.

What the Trojan knew was how to pick a current,
and how to turn hot air into let wind,
how to preen itself and also the abhorrent,
as it unloosed the menace stashed within.


Sort of poem for Mama Zen’s prompt on Real Toads to post a poem to certain designated pics, with a sense of the bruised heart of the world.  The above is Big Raven, by Emily Carr (1931).  MZ asks us to keep to 60 words; I’ve gone a bit over here.  (I think the prompt also wanted something beautiful–I’m afraid I went for the bruising here and not the beautiful.)

On a happier note, I am very pleased to report that my new book DOGSPELL or Sally & Seemore & the Meaning of Mushki is out!  It is a sweet (I think) children’s novel, written (with some help from my dear departed Pearl) and much illustrated by me.  Great for any dog lover. Available on Amazon.  When at Amazon, check out my other books!  1 Mississippi, Going on Somewhere, Nose Dive, and Nice.  


Milestones? Mushki?

May 24, 2014

IMG_3557 - Version 2

Today feels a milestone of sorts.  (If milestones are things one trips over rather than markers that stay decently to the side of the road.)

This is my post number 1801 on this blog.  (One thousand eight hundred and first.)

That is rather hard for me to believe.  (And, I’m afraid to say, the number makes me feel old rather than accomplished.)

Secondly, although I haven’t fully approved proofs of my upcoming novel, “Nice,” I’ve sent out the last versions, which if I’ve expressed my corrections properly, will be approvable.

So, now, ever trying to avoid all the things I really should be focusing on in my life–i.e. family responsibilities, job, house–I am thinking about my next writing project.  (Okay, okay–I do focus on family responsibilities!  Yes, I know, not as much as I should–  I’m trying, Mom–)

My plan is to work next on revising an old manuscript of a children’s novel.   I think the level is sometimes called “middle-grade”.

I am embarrassed to say that this particular novel was first written by me eleven or twelve years ago.  I then spent the next several years trying to make it more saleable–i.e. commercial–

Then, liking the book less and less (even though I also wrote a sequel), I just gave it up for some time–

But now, I want to resurrect the manuscript, revise it one last final full time, and publish it myself, because it is a sweet novel, about, essentially, a girl and her dog–

Here’s the big barrier–trying to figure out which of about twenty versions/drafts to use as the basis for the final version.  The earlier ones are more wordy, but possibly sweeter–those drafts are more like the old-fashioned children’s book (something written to be read aloud to children.)  (The book in that incarnation was called “Sally and Seemore and the Meaning of Mushki”.)

The later drafts are more spare and possibly seem more like books written by a professional children’s book writer.   The later ones may be more child-friendly in that they have fewer words and possibly more momentum.  (The later title was “Dogspell”.)

For years, I thought I was right to move in the direction of the later drafts–

And yet–

And yet–

And yet–

I was never happy with them; I felt I had whittled out something–a slower and more contemplative way of looking at the world–that I just kind of liked–

But I really do want to finish with this now.  And maybe the earlier ones are too wordy?   And should one ever go backward instead of forward?