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Some Not Quite Nirvana Urbanas

August 12, 2016


Some Not Quite Nirvana Urbanas

The Buddha pestering,
I grew hungry for change–
but re-wiring desire’s no easy matter
for a serial committer
of the sidelong-look-in-the-mirror sin, sins of nattiness too–vanity, pride-
oh, I, oh
how I tried–as mad for affirmation
as a hatter for a brim–

Me-walking here,
me-walking there
where still some wish constantly
swirled about head/hair–

till finally going back
to good old Houston and Mott,
climbing to my flat,
my fifth-floor walk-up spot,

where, from the bathtub in the kitchen,
I looked out to a night
jeweled by cars that waited only
for a light
to change,

just sat there, feeling pruny
but intrepid, adding hot
when the water tepid

(did I mention it was rent-

content enough
for a time.


A bit of silliness for Grapeling’s prompt on Real Toads to write a poem using the names of three cities.  I think I have five here–AND a couple of states.  Have a nice weekend!

Ps pic is mine as well.  As always, all rights reserved in all content.

pps I’m pretty sure a desire for natty clothes is not one of my particular sins, and I tend not to look for myself in mirrors.  All that said, I did have a flat with the bath tub in the kitchen for some time.

ppps check out my new book:  Dogspell!  Also check out my other books!  1 Mississippi, Going on Somewhere, Nose Dive, and Nice.