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Concert Notes (Postcard to Somewhere)

July 30, 2016


Concert Notes

Oh how I wish you were here,
you with your owl-wink glasses
to see how the second violinists played
as if they were horses,
their instruments unmuted muzzles
that reared and nodded
beneath bow’s rein,
their hair like black manes flicked
against time,
their arms making quick
the air–oh how I wished
you were there,
the Mozart canter:

your hand then
as warm as the blood
of a living body
would have cupped mine, whispering
in the silent tongue of hands, so careful of
the sweet music.



Sort of a drafty poem for Kerry O’Connor’s prompt on Real Toads to write a poem inspired by the idea of a postcard.  I call this a draft as I’ve written a few different versions since last night and not sure about any of them.  The pic, such as it is, also mine.  All rights reserved.

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