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Unmeetable Deadline? Last Gasp.

February 3, 2012

Trying to work on new novel tonight!  Rather trying to work on completing the revisions of an old novel.  (Ho-hum.)

It is a new novel compared to the finished one (NOSE DIVE), which I urge urge urge you all to check out!

But it is an old novel in terms of feeling, at times, like a very long haul.

Finishing–i.e. truly finishing–a novel is a lot of work.  That is, getting all the “i” dots, t-crossings, plot twists, right–is a lot of work.  Cutting out a bunch of that work–extra verbiage, descriptions, scenes, dialogue, even whole characters–that weigh down the plot–is even more difficult.

This novel will not be truly finished in time for my deadline (which is sometimes towards the end of this weekend.)

Trying to meet this deadline has haunted my last few weeks, though, in truth, I’ve only really focused on it during certain late-nite, early-morning jam sessions.

Even so, the deadline sticks in the craw.  The problem is that I’m a “last gasp” sort of person, meaning that I usually don’t quite give up until absolute hopelessness sets in.

And this, unfortunately, means that it is likely to be a stressful weekend.  (Unless, I just decide on hopelessness right now.  Ah, there’s an idea!)

The novel, by the way, is called “An I For An Eye.”  It’s a young adult fantasy.  (Yes, I know.  Crazy!)