Her Own Private Not-Idaho – “Seeing Blue”


Photo by James Rainsford.

dVerse Poets Pub has a poetics challenge today hosted by Victoria C. Slotto and James Rainsford, using lovely photographs by James Rainsford.  Here’s mine (based on photo above):

Seeing Blue 

So, the sea is blue and Caesar conquered.
(That’s all they talk of in this wonk herd.)
We’ve trooped up every single stone-walled fort
and every stack of bricks of that same sort.
(My mom thinks we should learn when on vacation–
it’s like she’s never heard of recreation.) 
Our tour guide has a lisp–I mustn’t laugh,
not even when he shooth uth from the grath.
Okay, he’s nice, and those mosaics were cool,
but all my friends are hanging at the pool.
At least, I’ve got a tan, my hair’s gone blonder,
but absence from my pack won’t make them fonder,
and Jake who always sat right next to me–
it seems like he’s not even texting me–
His eyes are just as blue as this bright sea,
but, now, we may be ancient history.
So, hurry trip, get done and get me home,
so I can take back my own private Rome. 

Have a great Saturday.  And, if you are in the mood for a fun escape that’s a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the deep blue sea, check out my books!  My  comic novel, NOSE DIVE,  book of poetry, GOING ON SOMEWHERE, or children’s counting book 1 MISSISSIPPI. )

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20 Comments on “Her Own Private Not-Idaho – “Seeing Blue””

  1. brian miller Says:

    hahaha i know this feeling well…my mom was a school teacher…bless her heart…and so we always had to take in edu-cations…in the end most were fun for something but there were plenty of days i wished i was somewhere else…and lunch was always NABS…those orange crackers with peanut butter…cause they were cheap….

  2. Awww Longing to get home from being away on a holiday, so sad. But, I can see it would become a bit boring if it was all about getting ‘educated’ too 🙂 Fun read.

  3. Mary Says:

    Some day you will appreciate, but obviously not now.

  4. Karin, great take on the prompt and your meter, rhyming flows so well. My parents took us little day trips for education purposes, but the summer vacations were all about fun…thank God.,

  5. Pamanner Says:

    Great poem! Like the flow and humor!

  6. zongrik Says:

    there is a character like this in the movie “My Life in Ruins”

    suffocated reflction

  7. hedgewitch Says:

    She does express a sort of infinite weariness in that pose–it’s a cool picture, and I loved your tongue in cheek, but very true to life write from it. I would be so not bored on that trip! But then, I don’t have any packs to fit back into. ;_)

  8. Chazinator Says:

    Great satire, you really got that mindset down. I wish I could understand it as well as you do. Not only that, but you do it in rhyming couplets. Do you have an updated version of Romeo and Juliet in the offing, this woman as heroine? 🙂

  9. I love her voice, so real I feel I’ve met her. You would hardly be surprised if I told you that I love edu-cations as Brian calls them. A wonderful marriage of poem and picture!

  10. David King Says:

    A great response to the prompt, a little out of your normal orbit, perhaps, so slightly surprising, but as compelling and enjoyable as ever.

  11. What a brilliant response to my photo. I absolutely loved this. It tells a fascinating and totally possible story.
    When I took this shot I was far distant, and using a long telephoto lens. I’ve no idea who the girl is, or what her thoughts may have been, but your poem certainly enhances and illuminates my image.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. claudia Says:

    smiles…we always learn when we’re traveling…if we want or not..just naturally in a way.. and yep…after a long travel it’s also good to get back home again…great take on the pic k. – and woohoo..i made it here…smiles

  13. hiroshimem Says:

    Wow, how you reconciled ancient monuments with a teenager’s point of view… That made me smile and… want to learn more!

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