Letter Letter (From an Admirer)


Letter Letter (From an Admirer)

Hey “A”–
You make
my day–“O” there’s “B”–where would we be
without “B”?–But “B”
and “C” (for all its mimicry of “S” and “K”) are just not

Nor you.
My aching, awkward “A.”
My ass-backwards Affecter
of Able, my Aper of Avant-Garde Angst, my
‘ap’azard Artiste, ah-singing Ariator, Applauder at my ambling Audition (my sainted
Aunt), Alibi
for the Awful, Aviator of Away, Aspirant to
Amour, my Angle
on just about All of it, my Atoms of
Adam and also you-know-who, and, mon
Ami (so much more Article than
indefinite), the Apple, always Apple,
of my Aye–

Here’s a very draftish poem which I am posting from my apple iPhone as still without wifi (agh!) for Kerry O’Connor’s With Real Toads Prompt to write an “open letter”. I wrote mine to a letter. I don’t know that A is my favorite letter but it’s a good one.

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25 Comments on “Letter Letter (From an Admirer)”

  1. (Thought I posted this already…)
    Speaking of Avant-Garde Angst, have you read Louis Zukofsky?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      You know I’d heard of him but never really investigated. I’m still on phone so investigating facility is a bit limited but thanks so much! I just saw that there’s a whole book “a.”. Can’t get poems opened but will do. Thank you so much,David.

      • Not just a whole book, but essentially the man’s whole life’s work. (There is a small volume, All, of shorter earlier verse, hence “essentially.” And one very experimental poem that I know of that postdates the magnum opus.)

        My I share a it-left-a-sour-taste-in-my-mouth story? In college I took a Pound-Eliot-Williams course. That semester Yale hosted a highly relevant conference celebrating some Pound anniversary, and it was suggested we student attend. Which I did. And there I learned the name Zukofsky from Guy Davenport. (It would have excited me that he was the father of violinist Paul Zukofsky, in that day the primary exponent of avant-garde violin music.) When time came to write a term paper for the course, I read _A_ and tried to make what sense of it I could. Well the graduate assistant who graded my term paper explained in writing that he had down-graded me right off the top because I had chosen to write on a poet of insufficient importance!

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Terrible! So stupid! Those grad students!

        I’m sorry. I’ve still just been on phone– and right this minute am on a train–but am getting Internet back! Will investigate him more. Thanks so much, David. And for sharing the story.

  2. Thank you, thank you very much for taking me along on that fine ride. The way you combined the letters was similar to the way a choreographer prepares his or her dancers: with grace and attitude. 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  3. coalblack Says:

    Cracking UP here. This is clever and delightful to read.

  4. Helen Dehner Says:

    … {A}nd it’s where everything begins! A refreshing letter that ‘A’ .. not like the boring D – doe a deer a female dear.

  5. Letter to a letter – that’s such a clever concept!

  6. David King Says:

    Ha, I love all of it, bit nothing more than the ending. All very clever and entertaining.

  7. hedgewitch Says:

    This had me laughing, which isn’t easy first thing in the “A” M–very enjoyable and creative response, K. You are the August Avatar of Accomplishment here.

  8. perfect poetry for everyone a ok

  9. Luke Prater Says:

    I love the way you twist prompts… this is great wordplay and what a tribute to the letter A. Brilliant.

  10. A very creative Approach to the prompt! A-OK! 🙂

  11. Kim Nelson Says:

    Hilarious! You created an original perspective and response to the prompt. That alone deserves kudos. And then you totally entertain me… Brava!

  12. This was a fun read!! Thank you!

  13. janehewey Says:

    chipper, clever, crafty. I smiled the whole way through
    and wondered if you’d continue with the rest of the alphabet…
    I enjoy your voice and tone, your almost educational rhythm, and your entirely bearable lightness of subject. ~jane

  14. clever! I love the shape !

  15. brian miller Says:

    haha this is awesome k…love your play with words…all the alliteration with the letter A…my fav was…mon
    Ami (so much more Article than
    indefinite)…and apple of my aye…smiles…

  16. Love this…how creative to write a letter to a letter….

  17. Sabio Lantz Says:

    Wow, that was startling good. Almost like it demands the whole series of alphabet poems of a similar style over the next 2 years!

  18. Lindy Lee Says:

    As Always A+…

  19. […] to Kerry’s challenge to write an open letter.  I realized on reviewing this that I’d written a letter to the letter “A” on the first go-round, so thought I’d try “B” this […]

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