Unmeetable Deadline? Last Gasp.

Trying to work on new novel tonight!  Rather trying to work on completing the revisions of an old novel.  (Ho-hum.)

It is a new novel compared to the finished one (NOSE DIVE), which I urge urge urge you all to check out!

But it is an old novel in terms of feeling, at times, like a very long haul.

Finishing–i.e. truly finishing–a novel is a lot of work.  That is, getting all the “i” dots, t-crossings, plot twists, right–is a lot of work.  Cutting out a bunch of that work–extra verbiage, descriptions, scenes, dialogue, even whole characters–that weigh down the plot–is even more difficult.

This novel will not be truly finished in time for my deadline (which is sometimes towards the end of this weekend.)

Trying to meet this deadline has haunted my last few weeks, though, in truth, I’ve only really focused on it during certain late-nite, early-morning jam sessions.

Even so, the deadline sticks in the craw.  The problem is that I’m a “last gasp” sort of person, meaning that I usually don’t quite give up until absolute hopelessness sets in.

And this, unfortunately, means that it is likely to be a stressful weekend.  (Unless, I just decide on hopelessness right now.  Ah, there’s an idea!)

The novel, by the way, is called “An I For An Eye.”  It’s a young adult fantasy.  (Yes, I know.  Crazy!)

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7 Comments on “Unmeetable Deadline? Last Gasp.”

  1. David King Says:

    This meeting the deadline business reminds me a lot of revising for exams way back – especially the last minuteness of it.

  2. David King Says:

    Forgot to say: best ofo luck with it!

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    Gah. I can only imagine. I writhe and agonize over thirty-line poems for days–I would be catatonic in a week with a novel to shape up. The young adult fantasy field is booming right now with great authors–some of my favorite adult authors(like Rick Riordan) have aggravated me by directing all their creative energies that way–so I’m sure it will be well worth the effort. I actually think its a very good sign that a generation is growing up steeped in all varieties of fantasy–they may need it, in the world they’re going to get.

    Best of luck, K.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I AM working but taking a break to check on blogosphere. (SHORT Break.) I love fantasy, but the one I’m working on has unfortunately gotten a bit long–it was close to 100,000 words. I had added silly sections and details a while back which I now don’t like much, but they are too integrated to take out easily. I’ve cut about 10,000 words, but for me, reshaping something massively–really thinking through a different structure–is very difficult and I won’t have time to do that. Just get chapter numbers, and cut here and there, for now, line by line and page by page.

      I think contests are a bit silly, but I suppose worth trying. After this deadline, I’ll try to get some feedback from a friendly reader, and maybe can reshape then.

      Your thirty line poems show your effort. K.

  4. brian Says:

    100000 words wow…that is some novel…and thus the hard work…make sure you take time to breathe so you keept hte fresh eyes in looking at it…

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      It’s ridiculous! And now it’s only about 88,000 (thank God!) It’s an older manuscript, so I was sort of fresh when I took it up again. Not so, now. Though it’s good advice, thanks.

  5. Good luck with your deadline!

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