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Last Words (As a Writer) (At the End of April and Other Times)

April 30, 2015

Last Words  (As a Writer)  (At the End of April and Other Times)

It is hard to speak of last words–
we don’t much believe in “last”
and we’re reluctant to fast
from words– ‘talk’ a favorite verb,

and ‘verbal’ where we rest assured.
But, in life, syllables sometimes cease–
when even cries of ‘help’, ‘help, please’
are unable to procure preferred

relief, breath itself become absurd
(though we still crave it).  I want, then,
to say ‘thank you’, and say again,
‘thank you,” till nothing more from me is heard.

If, so….  And, so….  I tell myself too,
I should probably start this morning
(in case of no advance warning).
So, thanks, I say, bowing low to you
as deeply as words can bow, thank you.


One more draft poem for April, for Izy Gruye’s prompt on With Real Toads to write about a time  of bang and hiss when words may not be longer available to you. 

The thanks are very sincerely meant, for all the support you have given me this April National Poetry Month of a poem or draft poem a day–thanks to the prompters at Real Toads, especially to Kerry O’Connor who arranged everything and shows so much depth and inspiration and integrity in her work–thanks to all the poets, and special thanks to those who managed to read thoughtfully and supportively despite the very real pressures on their own time and energies. 

The animation is an old one done by me–a bit silly for the poem–but closest to a bow I could think of.  Thanks again!  

ps this has been edited since first posting.

Sketching An Elephant From Your Head (Flash Friday 55)

November 8, 2013

Sketching An Elephant From Your Head

The trick is not the trunk, the climbing
spine, knee lines or overlapping
ear flaps; it all comes down
to the eyebrows.
Even if their slant alone
does not say elephant,
they must be lines that wonder, like you,
why they’ve been drawn here,
above those dotted eyes,
below that blank sky,
and then remember.


Here’s my nearly belated Friday Flash 55 for the G-Man.  Tell him about it.

I’m afraid I’ve done no noveling this week, just job work.  Agh!  (Yes, I’m so lucky to have a great job, though I’m a bit disappointed.)  Not expecting a break till Thanksgiving possibly, but hopefully then to have a bit of a stretch.  Thanks so much for checking in.

I am using an old and early animation for this, done on an iPad app called Animation Creation. Music, such as it is, by yours truly.


On the Night Before Christmas (Sort of! But animated!)

December 24, 2012

Last post before the 25th. (Sorry, if you’ve seen before – a reposting, but you know, animations, as crude as mine are, are difficult!)

Have a very happy holiday!

Please keep in mind today all those far from home. If you are a U.S. citizen or resident, I ask you, especially, to keep in your minds and hearts the troops serving still in Afghanistan and all over the world. We send them there and sometimes forget the very real hardships they and their families suffer. Their sacrifices and courage cannot be denied (no matter your political views.) I send them today best wishes for their safe and rapid return home.

Worrisome Sight Outside of Plane Window (Near Atlanta)

August 10, 2011

I flew in and out of Atlanta today and yesterday and was somewhat perturbed by the crowding of the space both inside, outside, and above, the Jackson Hartsfield Atlanta Airport.   And then there was this strange sight outside my plane window.  (Or maybe just in my head.)  (I really do recommend watching it full screen, if you’re going to watch it, as the creature was a bit too far for me to get a close view of his/her expression.)

Frustration With Political Animation (Or lack thereof). Obama Ages In Office.

August 2, 2011

Below is an animation that I spent a long time trying to make this evening.  It really didn’t work out as intended, but since frustration on all sides seems part of the tone of the day, it seemed fitting to post anyway.

It is probably not such a good idea to make political cartoons when you are truly not a political person!   (Yes, I am very sympathetic to the President.  But I try to be sympathetic to individuals on many sides of the political spectrum.)

But I was especially struck today by how much the presidency has aged Obama (as it seems to age every president).  This week seems to have aged him particularly.

The funny looking Aladdin’s lamp in the video is supposed to be a tea pot, symbolizing you know what.

In the version that is easier to see, Obama’s hair color changes from black to a light grey.  Here I’m afraid that doesn’t really work.  What can I say–I’m learning.  So, I guess, are we all.

First Animation (with Elephants)

July 14, 2011

Yes, it’s silly and incredibly primitive and has, as yet, no audio.  But I only got the idea of even trying such an endeavor this morning.  (Being an aging perfectionist, I have to disclose my handicap right at the start.)

The app is called Animation Creation HD.  (Cost for iPad is 1.99 , quite a bit of time with a little frustration thrown in.)

Warning–it’s really easy to delete (repeatedly) everything you have done.  The “undo” button does not work on deleted frames.  Other warning, you are supposed to “pad” for youtube which keeps last frame from being cut.  I didn’t do that right.  (Missing frame is more along the same lines. )

Even so, kind of cool what 1.99 can get you in these hard times.  (Yes, I know, you need the basic computer/digital infrastructure, still it’s pretty amazing.)