Ode to the Windowed Hall Where I’ve Not Turned on the Light

Ode to the Windowed Hall Where I’ve Not Turned on the Light

It is a bar that is not a barrier but
a passage,
where I pass by the glass of night
that is able to make itself known
in the absence of over-reflection,
the way you made known to me,
I you,
when, in the darkness,
we found something other than walls
to hold on to–



Poem for my own prompt on Real Toads re thinking about the little things.  Check it out. 

Also, if in the mood, check out my two new children’s books, DOGGONE! and DOES MELANIE LIKE MELON?   Or other books! 


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15 Comments on “Ode to the Windowed Hall Where I’ve Not Turned on the Light”

  1. Wonderful to have someone and something to hang onto in the dark……I love this, Karin, and really enjoyed the prompt. Now we need to focus on the simple joys more than ever.

  2. kim881 Says:

    Ooh, Karin, I love the phrase ‘the glass of night’ – through a glass darkly has taken on another meaning – and that’s a killer of an ending:
    ‘…in the darkness,
    we found something other than walls
    to hold on to–’
    Thanks for such a flexible prompt that is inspiring such a wide range of poetry.

  3. Vivian Zems Says:

    It is a bar that is not a barrier but
    a passage,……………….this sounds profound (like there more to this bit). Elegantly done 🙂

  4. Kerry Says:

    I marvel at the way you turn objectivism (the artistic kind) into an emotional hook to describe a very human sense of connection. Not sure I’ve used the correct terminology to explain the way I read the poem, but I did enjoy the way you set it all up.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Thanks, Kerry. I think that almost anything, object, moment, can serve as such emotional hook, but I’m not always that good at conveying it. (And sometimes, perhaps, it is better to just be with the object as is!) Hope all is well. k.

  5. The way it started made me think of Gertrude Stein, but then you filled it with so much more meaning. To have any type of company (real or imagined) is so important.

    I can almost hear the echo of footsteps on an abandoned street in your words.

  6. Kay Davies Says:

    Beautifully done, Karin. I, too, felt the atmosphere as I was reading, and it was a warm and reassuring feeling.

  7. I’m a fan of long titles, and of holding on when it’s dark. this was so good

  8. Rall Says:

    It’s not a little thing that someone to hang on to in the dark.It’s a big thing and possibly the most important thing and the only thing you really need.

  9. gillena Says:

    Luv this image:

    “not a barrier but
    a passage,”

    much love…

  10. This is so beautiful. I love how you ended it.

  11. Marian Says:

    Oh…. so much ache. Love this. And hi, Karin! 🙂

  12. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Bravo! Lovely. And congrats on the children’s books.

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