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Happy…errr.. Hoppy! (Jingle With Elephant!)

December 24, 2011

A Merry Best to All!  Thanks so much for reading, commenting, writing, inspiring!  

Worrisome Sight Outside of Plane Window (Near Atlanta)

August 10, 2011

I flew in and out of Atlanta today and yesterday and was somewhat perturbed by the crowding of the space both inside, outside, and above, the Jackson Hartsfield Atlanta Airport.   And then there was this strange sight outside my plane window.  (Or maybe just in my head.)  (I really do recommend watching it full screen, if you’re going to watch it, as the creature was a bit too far for me to get a close view of his/her expression.)

Elephants Are Not Always Great At Yoga

July 26, 2011

First Animation (with Elephants)

July 14, 2011

Yes, it’s silly and incredibly primitive and has, as yet, no audio.  But I only got the idea of even trying such an endeavor this morning.  (Being an aging perfectionist, I have to disclose my handicap right at the start.)

The app is called Animation Creation HD.  (Cost for iPad is 1.99 , quite a bit of time with a little frustration thrown in.)

Warning–it’s really easy to delete (repeatedly) everything you have done.  The “undo” button does not work on deleted frames.  Other warning, you are supposed to “pad” for youtube which keeps last frame from being cut.  I didn’t do that right.  (Missing frame is more along the same lines. )

Even so, kind of cool what 1.99 can get you in these hard times.  (Yes, I know, you need the basic computer/digital infrastructure, still it’s pretty amazing.)