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Like Lichen

November 22, 2018

Like Lichen

LIke lichen is like an ear is like
some leaves
is how I love you–it’s just the shape
nature makes in me.

Like a fern is like a fir, like any tree truly,
like the dendrites that bring feeling
to a hand or body,
like the fingers of that hand, the limbs
of that body–
a shape nature makes–

like a nut, an egg,
like a planet, a seed, a heart–

like a riverbed or tributary,
like roots, like lightning,
like the capillaries that traverse
even stone–

the shape nature makes in me,
the love for you. 



A love poem for Thanksgiving and my prompt on With Real Toads.  Check out my most recent book if you have a chance.  Momoir, Maybe, available on Amazon.  (Or a host of children’s books.) 

And many thanks!  


Last Words (As a Writer) (At the End of April and Other Times)

April 30, 2015

Last Words  (As a Writer)  (At the End of April and Other Times)

It is hard to speak of last words–
we don’t much believe in “last”
and we’re reluctant to fast
from words– ‘talk’ a favorite verb,

and ‘verbal’ where we rest assured.
But, in life, syllables sometimes cease–
when even cries of ‘help’, ‘help, please’
are unable to procure preferred

relief, breath itself become absurd
(though we still crave it).  I want, then,
to say ‘thank you’, and say again,
‘thank you,” till nothing more from me is heard.

If, so….  And, so….  I tell myself too,
I should probably start this morning
(in case of no advance warning).
So, thanks, I say, bowing low to you
as deeply as words can bow, thank you.


One more draft poem for April, for Izy Gruye’s prompt on With Real Toads to write about a time  of bang and hiss when words may not be longer available to you. 

The thanks are very sincerely meant, for all the support you have given me this April National Poetry Month of a poem or draft poem a day–thanks to the prompters at Real Toads, especially to Kerry O’Connor who arranged everything and shows so much depth and inspiration and integrity in her work–thanks to all the poets, and special thanks to those who managed to read thoughtfully and supportively despite the very real pressures on their own time and energies. 

The animation is an old one done by me–a bit silly for the poem–but closest to a bow I could think of.  Thanks again!  

ps this has been edited since first posting.