Rainy (Christmas) Season


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5 Comments on “Rainy (Christmas) Season”

  1. claudia Says:

    oh it’s raining over here as well…non stop.. i went running anyway this morning…and it was wonderful…happy rainy day to you k. …smiles

  2. brian miller Says:

    cool pic…i like the silouquette against the lights….we got snow and ice here yesterday…as we were trying to get to pappaws house…took 5 hours to go 180 miles….might have preferred the rain…but i have been asking for snow so i wont complain…

  3. janehewey Says:

    I love the texture and composition in this. pretty!

  4. Luke Prater Says:

    lovely shot. Texture is great

  5. Lindy Lee Says:

    Rain produced a slightly smeared, interesting verticality,
    also reflected in the puddle in the left foreground…

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