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“Chugging Along”

December 29, 2012


Chugging Along

Chug chug chug chug ka-ching ching!
Chug chug chug badda bing bing!
Chug chug chug chug clang clang!
Chug chug chug chug screeeech—bang!
Chu…chu chug badda biii—-ing BOOM!


Here’s my (sort of) poem for the dVerse Poets Pub Poetics Prompt on change (and turns), hosted by the wonderful Claudia Schoenfeld.  I am not so great at making changes until…well, there seems to be no other choice!

Happy New Year’s weekend all!  I am in the country with much snow and, thank goodness, a working furnace.

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Change Poem – Mother/Daughter/Sister/Hands (“Making It Better”)

November 19, 2011


DVerse Poets Pub has a “Poetics” challenge to write about change today which set me to thinking of both the new and old.  Here’s the resulting poem:

Making it Better

I think today, the anniversary of my daughter’s birth,
of my mother’s grace–
how she came to my hospital bed at 8 a.m.,
two hours after leaving her sister’s,
her favorite red blouse catching
the robin’s egg fluorescents, the curled tips
of her brown hair carefully
slipped back as she
bent over over the bassinet,
exuding unshadowed wonder.

My mother, who never made any
decision without vocal re-thinks,
not asking me
at that time
how she should dress
her sister–whether the funeral home’s gown
would not be too frilly–she worked after all,
had a career

carrying only in the back of her dark eyes
the echos of that laboring pant
that strains so to keep on–

My mother, cupping
my daughter’s still-damp head,
in the same cool hands that had
stroked my forehead as a child, as her mother
had stroked hers, and that now,
when she’s been sisterless
and motherless for many years,
stroke her own forehead, wiping
the thinned hair back.

Like this, like this, she shows me,
running her palms over the
join of face and crown–
her particular self and her
universal self–I just find
that it makes me feel better