To the Avant Garde–not sonnet, not 18


To the Avant Garde
(Not Sonnet, Not Number 18)

Shall I compare thee
to a summer’s day?
Thou art too hot
for lovely, too rough
for temperate.

Thy heavens lease decline (the lines
for the eternal
too f…ing long) and thou wanderest
the course of sometimes.

Thy eye, Darling, brags possession of that
that growest dimmed, but breathes

Shall I compare thee to
A summer’s day? But thy short
life/death (untrimmed) loses
eases “shall”,
buds “can”, dates
the wind.

Agh! I am in Orlando airport in a day of flying! The wifi doesn’t work so I’ve had to type the above poem on iPhone. I should stop complaining! But well– I have been in this airport a long time.

I am posting the above for Anna Montgomery’s prompt on dverse poets pub to write an experimental poem. The above poem only uses words from Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet–except that the f is the beginning of one word and the ing the end of another. There may also be some additional s’es.

Reading note: I only intend pauses to happen as punctuated and not with line breaks. Most line breaks are intended to rub on. (might make poem more coherent). Sorry for mucky typing. I think i got most typos but probably not all.

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18 Comments on “To the Avant Garde–not sonnet, not 18”

  1. Mary Says:

    Very clever! (especially so since it was composed on an iPhone!)

  2. cloudfactor5 Says:

    Cool riffing on Shakespeare, It’s Avant Garde to me, hope you make it home soon !

  3. jasmine calyx Says:

    I love it!!! Especially this: “thou wanderest
    the course of sometimes”

  4. Miriam E. Says:

    very cool! the second stanza, awesome 😀

  5. claudia Says:

    ha…you’re so cool k. – shakespeare and airports…and somehow it all makes sense…smiles…wishing you safe travels..

  6. I love ‘thou wanderest the course of sometimes..’ –really fun mash of the sonnet, and I like the way you decomposed it very much. Good luck at getting out of the airport and to wherever you most would like to be as soon as possible.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks – crazy day – got up early to take my mother down to Florida (from NYC), then flew back to an airport near Poughkeepsie to get upstate to the mountains. Arrived here to broken furnace and several inches of snow. It is cold but a fire is now going and furnace people on the way. So crazy, but kind of fun too, very happy to be up here at least. HOpe you had a nice break. k.

  7. brian miller Says:

    haha this is awesome k…Thou art too hot
    for lovely, too rough
    for temperate….and thy eye brags possesion….love your swizzle….florida….bet you had great weather there….i chuckled at your f…ing

  8. lucychili Says:

    airports and shakespeare are both some kind of universal, contrasts with your journey and poem which are both personal, individual. like singing a song in your own way.

  9. Sabio Lantz Says:

    Well, in an airport, on an i-phone and frustrated, so I guess the best type of poem is experimental.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I’m afraid it didn’t work out as planned. It is actually a super specific poem, and I should probably have titled it more specifically – maybe will change that – To An Avant Garde Love or something, as it is meant to describe a certain kind of bohemian/artist personality. (Not mine.)

  10. sonofwalt Says:

    I love this:
    Thou art too hot
    for lovely, too rough
    for temperate

  11. I think you successfully navigated this sonnet, making room for your own sensibilities and creating a delightful commentary. Sorry I’m so delayed in commenting, I’ve had to really limit my typing due to my stitches. Happy New Year!

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