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No more lingering in Tarrytown–make that NYC– Friday Flash 55

February 8, 2013


Long-distance Couple Faces Snowstorm

Communication blown pre-storm:
Who needs to do
What, where, when, and why all
Possibilities are impossible (later,
What we should have done) rustles wayward
Like readying wind, but when
Prospect of being snowed-in alone is truly
Aired-you there, me here– crystally mistily
Clear–I run to the next train,
You speed to meet it.

55 rushed words on the train posted from iPhone for the g-man.
Go tell him I am hoping to beat the storm!


Cold Night

December 29, 2012

Pearl Not Too Bothered By It

Cold Night – Waiting for the Furnace Guy –

I sit in a house
with hat, long-underwear, two
sweaters, coat, and non-
working furnace. Outside – several
inches (and miles)
of snow.
I find it almost helpful to bare
swathes of flesh
to the fire. You, between logs,
work on the crossword. Then the furnace guy
gets stuck and it feels suddenly
super cold.


55 frosty (and belated) words for the G-Man. And here’s one more. Brrr…..

An Impression of Motion Sickness on MTA (Flash Friday 55)

August 10, 2012


Motion Sick On Train  (Well, Just A Little)

Fake wood encircles
stomach side of cloud=
spattered glass,
stall-start express; outside
sun gleam-shines
river’s shell,
mountains swell
from continental
mist and drift==
slow…halllttttt..(no station stop)…go–
“Watch the Gap” warns yellow-black
stick-fellow, inked leg
incautious==but on train still forever
try not to.


I’m posting the above for dVerse Poets Pub “meeting the bar” prompt hosted by the wonderful Claudia Schoenfeld, about impressionistic writing (and, in this case, my impressionistic stomach).  (Since first posting I’ve edited heavily as I have trouble with my stove this morning and still haven’t had morning tea, so nothing’s right.)

I’m also letting the G-Man know since the poem is exactly 55 words.  (Yes, I cheated.)

The train I sometimes take travels along the banks of the beautiful Hudson River.