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January 29, 2014


Tongue trawls lines
mouth centering
life saver
with cored
limns sweetness
and not; loves
what it sounds like.

Twitter poem written on iPhone for Mama Zen on with real toads.

Enough Already – “Divided by Too”

July 25, 2012


Divided By Too

If you say it once,
you say it six times, half-
a-dozen, twelve divided
by two, your
words soon bricks in
my wall.  You call it
explaining; I call it


This is posted for “Real Toads“, for a poetry challenge by the wonderful Mama Zen to write something in 35 words or less. Her idea (with which I agree heartily) is that most bloggers go on just too darn long. (I include myself in this indictment;  I should also add that the voice of the “I” in the poem above is probably not mine, as I’m guessing I tend to fall into the wordier category.) Enough said.