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Drift (Would)

April 28, 2015


Drift (Would)

After the initial sink
into bed,
we float.
Night lightens us
the way a sea hollows wood
to its cells’ shell, splinters smoothed
to palm’s sculpt; each jamb keeled
into the shape of
what looks almost
like a close-winged bird.

We drift, limbs lapping in creases of shine
and murmur, curl away
as tides of warmth
and too much warmth,
and ooh-let-me-get-you-warm and not-
the feet–
the feet–
curl back–

Day breaks and bark re-sheathes us
like clothes’ pleat, feet too
are replanted, splinters re-mis-aligned,
though we try for a while to extend that soft sail
in swallows of warm
darkness–you take
your coffee
black–and, oh, so strong
is my tea.

This is very much a draft, but it’s tired here on some night in late April, 2015 National Poetry Month.  I am linking this to With Real Toads Tuesday Open Platform.  Pic is also mine; all rights reserved.