Hello!  The edge of hurricane Henri is expected to swipe by us today, dumping rain.  I don’t truly mind rain, and will be glad if that is all that Henri brings us.  But the crazy thing–and one I don’t like–ir has been raining here much of the summer. And, in general, in the last few summers.

 I live in a mountain area of Nw York State, and we have gotten some clear dryish mountain days, but increasingly, lawns and fields are squishy, or pooling, with water and mud from so much summer rain, and increasingly, the downpours are spliced with sullen spells of unusually heavy heat. I say that it’s unusual, but it is increasingly becoming the norm. 

And because the air is hotter, it holds more moisture, except of course, where it doesn’t, such as out West and all those other places burning up with drought.

So, oddly, the planet is burning, and flooding at once. And in the meantime, we manage to fight over so many silly things, when our little boat, this planet, needs bailing and more.

Oh dear. I had intended not to get political in this blog.  But climate change may be something that should transcend politics. 

Stay well.  Stay safe/dry today. 

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2 Comments on “Expected”

  1. Helen Says:

    Thrilled to see you here this morning!

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