What Part of “Enough Already!” Doesn’t the Gulf Oil Understand?

Lots of horrible videos of the spread of Gulf oil on youtube and elsewhere.

Doesn’t that stupid oil understand the U.S. news cycle?

Doesn’t it realize that it’s gone on for days and days, weeks, months.  Same old same old.

If all the someones (preferably in the Obama administration) who we are really really mad at would just do the right thing (what they are supposed to, whatever that is, to stop this thing), we could just sit back and do what we are supposed to do, what we sort of like to do, what we always do do at least, when it comes to fossil fuels – use large amounts of the stuff until the price gets prohibitive (again), and then be surprised and angry (again).

But we really do hate to see dolphins die.   And hear of turtles burning.  And find (aerially) huge purple slicks upon the sea.  We are kind people.  We like shining seas.   (Not that kind of shining.)

But we just don’t want to think about this anymore.

So, come on, oil!  What part of “enough already!” don’t you understand?

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