To Either of My Daughters As Infants (Or Both)


To Either of My Daughters  As Infants (or Both)

What I want to say is
there was no present like
that time–

What I want to say is
there are no eyes as blue as the sky
around a full moon
some evenings–

except perhaps yours
looking up at me,
your face as fair
as some faces are,
too young to have seen much sun–

and my arms felt like the sky,
encompassing time and effortlessly

And though there is something in me
that forever times
the present, that is bluer
than evening sky and more alone in that blue
than even the starless–

what I want to say is
there was still that time, your presence–
eyes looking up at me
and me looking right back
when there was nothing
we wanted for
and all to be said,
was said,
in soft high pitches.


Here’s a draftish poem for my wonderful daughters and the wonderful prompt by Herotomost on With Real Toads “I Must Refrain.”   This has been edited a couple times since first posting. 

PS–my job has kept me extremely busy lately, so if I’m missed returning a visit–please forgive—or better, let me know!  




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16 Comments on “To Either of My Daughters As Infants (Or Both)”

  1. Arushi ahuja Says:

    A really cute poem… I loved reading it … Specially” my arms felt like sky” part was extremely cosy….

  2. brian miller Says:

    that last staza brings this to a wonderful close…and made me think about those scant moments of my own…just like that….

  3. Jennifer G. Knoblock Says:

    This is so beautiful. I have two daughters (and a son)…that penultimate stanza really spoke to me.

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    There is the same sort of soft murmur to this that the end lines celebrate, that we put in lullabies, that we turn to in the dark. So many simple but elegant phrasings as well–not sure if
    ‘…there is something in me/that forever times/the present, ” or its following line is more what makes that passage my favorite–they are equally evocative. Beautiful poem, k.

  5. This is just epic, Karin. The tenderness of voice and beauty of the imagery has moved me very deeply, while the academic in me loves the structure and progress of the subject matter, the slight changes to the meaning of ‘blue’. And what an amazing close. This is such a fulfilling read.

  6. This is such an effective voice for the subject…the use of repetition, creating an almost tongue-tied awe in attempting to express what is really beyond expression. And yet, it comes through!

  7. Herotomost Says:

    arrrgh, that is touching, so true and wonderfully writhed. those may be the best and truest feeling we experience as parents. Your repeating refrains add a trusting feeling to the tone of the piece. It reads like a lullaby, and I love that. Great job and thank you for coming out.

  8. Herotomost Says:

    That would be written and not writhed….my fingers are not working today….sorry!!!!

  9. Oh how I love and resonate with this poem – those early dawns, feeding babies, those eyes so round and clear and full of trust…….a glorious poem!

  10. Grace Says:

    I love it K ~ Tender love between mother and children, subtle and unique with the refraining verses echoing love ~

  11. “…there was no present like that time…” What a great play on the phrase. MD, I have a daughter, too… although her eyes were so black at birth she looked like an alien… and then they stopped lightening at dark chocolate!

    This is about the most lovely ode to daughters I have ever read. I mean it. They must know they are so loved. Even after they grew up and got periods and temper-tantrumed their way through the house and… oh, sorry, I got a little carried away. You know what I mean. May all children be loved and wanted. Amy

  12. grapeling Says:

    this: “and my arms felt like the sky” – just perfect ~

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