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Even After the iPad – Reasons to Stick With Books – The Bath

January 28, 2010

Bathtub Book

Even After the iPad;  Reasons to Stick to Books.

1.  You can take them into the bath.

2.  You can drop them in the bath (and, if you don’t mind rumpled pages, read on, without being electrocuted.)

3.  You can also drop them on the floor. (For example, at the side of your bed.)

4.  You can spill tea on them.

5.  Or pizza.  (Though it’s not so easy to spill pizza, even on a book.)

6.  They sometimes open to your favorite spots automatically.  Othertimes they open to spots you hadn’t planned on, but are glad you found.

7.  You can underline sentences or whole passages (if you’re kind of OCD.)

8.  Or keep them absolutely pristine (if you’re really OCD.)

9.  Sometimes you find things in their pages that you’d completely forgotten about—an unpaid bill, a letter from an old friend, a wilted buttercup, a spot of tea (or pizza).

10.  Some books bear handwritten inscriptions, even just a name, perhaps your grandmother’s name.  You might read these more closely than what’s in print.

PS – if you like elephants, check out 1 Mississippi by Karin Gustafson on home page or Amazon.


PPS- I am linking this to Bluebell Books Short Story Slam; the prompt was a girl in a bath–this may be a girl elephant.

Obama Message Competes With Jobs On All Levels (Including Steve)

January 27, 2010

Polls find that a majority of Americans like Barack Obama as a person.  If they have paid attention over the last year,they likely see him as both careful and deliberative.  Unfortunately, for Obama however, what many Americans want right now is not be someone with the patience of the Biblical Job, but someone with the dynamism of the Cupertino Jobs (as in Steve).

Obama’s messages tonight (I’m trying to post this before the State of the Union Address) will be competing with jobs on all levels–Americans’ needs for jobs, the many jobs in our society that need to get done, and (to add insult to injury) the buzz around Steve’s announcement of Apple’s new iPad, the new tablet computer which is supposed to fill the gap between laptop and smart phone

Jobs is a great showman.  He can make people feel that he’s filling a gap that they weren’t even fully aware of, and he can certainly make people want something that never existed before.   Yes, he’s full of hype (as in proposed battery time) as well as ideas.   But the ideas are interesting and forward-looking, and they are executed with a determined simplicity and competence which Jobs calls “magical” and which even his detractors admire.

Obama’s more orator than showman.   At his best, he can explain complex and conflicting facts and feelings, and if not rationalize them, at least, put them in the same picture, a picture drawn from a single perspective.   But, in the last few months, under the weight of conflicting pressures, needs, greeds, and niceties, he’s let the picture he paints seem both stale and muddied.

Of course, it’s a lot harder to move a balky, favor-seeking,group of legislators, a “gotcha” press, a forgetful group of (greedy) bankers and a forgetful (and suspicious) populace, than your own company.   Obama also inherited a virtually no-win situation;  he”s blamed for not moving forward fast enough on an economic ship that was actively sinking at the time he boarded it.

But if he wants to keep the faith of the American people, he does need to move forward, he does need to fill gaps, he does need to figure out how to integrate jobs into his programs; and he needs to do it in a way that is workably simple, simply workable.  (And, apparently like the iPad, with greater speed than anticipated.)

Jobs jobs jobs.

ps- disclosure–the writer is a fan of Apple, and owns some of its stock.