Even After the iPad – Reasons to Stick With Books – The Bath

Bathtub Book

Even After the iPad;  Reasons to Stick to Books.

1.  You can take them into the bath.

2.  You can drop them in the bath (and, if you don’t mind rumpled pages, read on, without being electrocuted.)

3.  You can also drop them on the floor. (For example, at the side of your bed.)

4.  You can spill tea on them.

5.  Or pizza.  (Though it’s not so easy to spill pizza, even on a book.)

6.  They sometimes open to your favorite spots automatically.  Othertimes they open to spots you hadn’t planned on, but are glad you found.

7.  You can underline sentences or whole passages (if you’re kind of OCD.)

8.  Or keep them absolutely pristine (if you’re really OCD.)

9.  Sometimes you find things in their pages that you’d completely forgotten about—an unpaid bill, a letter from an old friend, a wilted buttercup, a spot of tea (or pizza).

10.  Some books bear handwritten inscriptions, even just a name, perhaps your grandmother’s name.  You might read these more closely than what’s in print.

PS – if you like elephants, check out 1 Mississippi by Karin Gustafson on home page or Amazon.


PPS- I am linking this to Bluebell Books Short Story Slam; the prompt was a girl in a bath–this may be a girl elephant.

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12 Comments on “Even After the iPad – Reasons to Stick With Books – The Bath”

  1. Jan Mayfield Says:

    I do so agree! The feel of a book in the hands just doesn’t warrant swapping it out for yet another electronic gadget. The reasons are too many to list for me but recently I have been doing a lot of historical research on my family and have found the most amazing things tucked into books!

    I had flooded my kitchen with water..dumb but true and it was threatening to leak into my concrete basement below where a lot of my treasures live , so I had to be SURE nothing was damaged so down I went into the spider infested storage…My son’s stuff was below the leak so I pulled a few things out of his boxes to check them…some books my mother had given him when she moved into her lovely retirement apt (no sarcasm here she has got a new lease on life and a covert non boyfriend..thou dost protest too much!!!) and Opened a book… inside was a folded up sheet of paper that I ignored but began looking for the publication date….none…?!?!… title…”A Campaign Sketch of Chester A Arthur”…the name was familiar because my family always talks about the Arthur girls at Cohassett beach as kids but nothing else…too many cob webs etc in the brain…so back to the paper…open it up…dated June 12, 1864 Dear William…and proceeds to assure him that he got his letter in Washington because he was appearing before Congress, and will forward all of the requested supplies to him at the front, and begins to discuss all of the fighting they have seen, and that he saw in the Herald that William is now the Commanding officer of the Battalion of Kitching’s Brigade of the 5th corp, a heavy artilery section with no prior experience!….Ok so imagine my response …It was signed “Fondly your brother, Chester”…a Civil War letter from Chester to William tucked into a book about the campaign sketch of Chester A Arthur….. I streak upstairs to my electronic devise which does have a good use…to check references that I find in my books and do the Wikipedia thing on Chester A Arthur…and yes indeedy it is his signature!!! the 21st President of our strange country…..sooo keep those boxes of books….don’t throw them out…you never know what they hide, or who has clutched them close in the darkest of nights as their only entertainment or means of relief from daily toil.

    i rest my case…I’ll keep the books and read some stuff on my laptop but definitely keep the family books !

  2. Morning Says:

    lovely instructions.

    the image art of yours is always entertaining.

  3. a girl elephant in bath, reasons to stick to books, wow.

    fun piece.

  4. I’m totally with you. They can also prop doors open and make a useful step when you can’t reach something. Above all I love the smell of a bookshop.

  5. ZQ Says:

    That was fun.

  6. Yolanda Says:

    They are also great to line up along your door to block the crack between the door and the floor, keeps the huntsman spiders out of your bedroom when you sleep, and when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, you won’t break a book if you accidently kick it or step on it. Never forget your books when you visit Australia, or else you might find you are sharing your bedroom with a spider the size of your hand! 🙂
    Such multi-purpose, flexible and lovable items books are.

  7. A very cute way of approaching the prompt. It is quite enjoyable.
    Well done ..


  8. I totally agree…. which is why I don’t currently own any sort of eReader…. Must have my books! Must be able to feel the pages between my fingers 🙂

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