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Three Daughters

March 19, 2015

Molecules 1

Three Daughters

“I am a curséd man,” he said, with full marks for
the -ed, “because,” he said, cross-legged, dhoti
both wrinkled and taut, “I am the father of
three daughters.”

His hands followed the line of the shrug,
then sank like the smile beneath the black float
of  mustache, as,
from my opposite banquette, I tried to maintain an attitude
of intellectual exploration–
”don’t you love your daughters?”

“I love them too much,”meaning in my understanding
of Indian English–‘sure’–
but “meaning,’ he went on, “I must work all the days of my life
to make their dowries–”

The dowry was the price he would pay for
having his undoubtedly hard-working girls taken off his hands,
which pinched the air, long-fingered,
as if plucking words from the landscape–
and I too smiled sadly, this still a more encouraging discussion
than the one I normally had with men in Indian trains,
which always started with whether I was married
and ended somehow in my asking the most important quality in a wife,
a question which they answered without a beat–
(sometimes through teeth stained red with betel nut,
other times the teeth not stained, but always showing)–

I can’t help thinking today of that curséd man, sitting in the
amber light that fixed that train car even as it traversed
a subcontinent, as I read
of the poor cursed woman in Delhi who strangled her three
young daughters, “submitting” as the headline said, “to despair.”

Reading next of the proposed government budget in my own country–
where dowries once were also part
of the barter of women–and where girls are still often enough
discarded, though we are advanced enough to discard boys
about as much, the idea behind all the cuts for women and children
being some notion that if women are just kept flat on their backs,
families will stay intact–

Look, I’m not saying that these things–Indian dowries and the GOP– are
actually connected, except that they both make me sick,
sick of the trade in women, sick
at the base of a womb that held two daughters, sick at the heart
of a third.


A very drafty poem that is simply a rant going about my head.   I appreciate that it may not truly be a poem.  The drawing above is by a friend of mine, Diana Barco, taken from my book of poems, Going on Somewhere.  The photograph below is mine, taken a couple of years ago in Ahmedabad, in India–all rights reserved by Diana and me!  


Porch – (Thinking Back To Summer Stones/Winter Tabletops)

April 17, 2012

"Porch" (painting by Jason Martin, from GOING ON SOMEWHERE)


The porch pulled them to its side,
invited nestling upon shaded planks,
recalled cool soft times, clover in fields,
the day she cut his hair, and then they picked
out smooth flat stones,
and lined them along its surface, thick with
years of knobby deck paint.  Against it,
the stones shone like perfect moons to plant upon
winter table tops, reminders
that nights sown by fireflies
were going on somewhere, some time.


This is an older poem posted for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night and the Promising Poets Rally.   The painting is by Jason Martin (and, sorry, the color is a bit garish here.)   It is on the cover of my book of poetry, Going on Somewhere,  available on Amazon and elsewhere.  Check out the book where you can see the painting in much truer color!

PS – if anyone’s counting, I’m going to have to write a new poem today in honor of Nat’l Poetry Month, but wasn’t so pleased with yesterday’s creation, so didn’t want to WASTE an open link nigh on it!  Have to see what arises tonight! K.

Open Link/Broken Link Poem – “Divorce”

December 6, 2011


After a couple of weeks away from job, time is short, so here is a short, older poem from GOING ON SOMEWHERE (check it out!) posted for dVerse Poets Pub open link night.


Starvation for love sands heart to sliver,
my daughter’s cheeks smell of her hours with the sitter:
too sweet.
Let me have a sip–

Madonna, Child, Elephant, Skylight. (You can find them anywhere?)

February 4, 2011

Italy–elephants.  Some think of Hannibal; others of productions of Aida at the Roman Coliseum;  others of Berlusconi staying endlessly in office.  And then, there are those minds that conjure up the Madonna and Child.

I am embarrassed to say that, in my ManicDDaily way, I did not jot down the name of this artist, and cannot find the image among the hundreds of Madonna and Childs in the online catalogue of the Metropolitan Museum.  All I can say is that it’s located in one of the galleries with a skylight.

I guess I’ll just have to go back.

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you like fine art (as in wonderful drawings), don’t forget to check out “Going on Somewhere” with illustrations by Diana Barco, cover by Jason Martin, poetry by Karin Gustafson, on Amazon.  (Buy one!)  And if you like elephants, check out 1 Mississippi by Karin Gustafson, also on Amazon.  (Buy another!)   (P.S. If price is an issue, let me know–I know someone who can get them for you wholesale.)

You Can Find Them Anywhere. (At the Met?)

January 31, 2011

Courbet re-visited.  Or…errr… visited.   (At the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.)

Elephant cow?

Pearl feels out of place.

For  a very little more on Courbet–rather, for a poem of gratitude to Courbet–check out “Going on Somewhere” by Karin Gustafson, Diana Barco, and Jason Martin, on Amazon now!

“Going On Somewhere” For Valentine’s Day

January 30, 2011

"Side" by Diana Barco (From "Going on Somewhere")

This is a flat-out sales plea!  For Valentine’s Day!

Yes, I know that it is two weeks away.  And that it should be about love not buying.

But in our culture, love and holidays, tend to translate into buying.  So!  If you would like to buy something about love for Valentine’s Day (whether to give or keep for yourself), I encourage you to consider the poetry book, Going on Somewhere, written by yours truly, illustrated by Diana Barco, cover by Jason Martin.

While I hesitate to call it a book of love poetry, it does, in fact, have enough love poetry to make certain people who have read parts of it embarrassed to look me in the eye afterwards.

Which has got to mean something good!  (Errr…..right?)

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